Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall) : Why The Nickname For Tindhare Waterfall??

Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)

Bahubali Jharna(Waterfall) : Overview

Bahubali Jharna, As it is exactly the same as shown in the first part of the South Indian movie Bahubali which came out a year ago, now the three-pronged waterfall is becoming more famous by the name of Bahubali Jharna than its own name. To reach Tindhare or Bahubali waterfall from Kathmandu, one has to cover a distance of about 65 kilometers. Since only small vehicles can reach the waterfall, a few kilometers out of 65 kilometers is very bad. Even in that, when you reach the waterfall site on the muddy road, everyone’s mind becomes astonished.

Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)
Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)

Location of Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)

Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall) is about 65 kilometers away from the capital Kathmandu. The Bahubali waterfall, located 30 km south of Kavre’s headquarters Dhulikhel, is currently crowded with domestic tourists.

The Tindhare (Bahubali) waterfall in Kafaldanda, Roshi Gaonpalika 2 of Kavre has become a must-visit destination for domestic tourists at this time. Due to Kovid-19, there was timber in almost all the countries of the world and there was timber in Nepal as well.

the location of tindhare
Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)


Residents of the area say that the video of the three-way waterfall was captured by a drone camera and posted on social media while some youths were walking in the middle of the lockdown. Locals have been recognizing the waterfall at an altitude of 300 meters by the name of Tindhare, Trishakti. The local 76-year-old Bal Bahadur Jarga Magar says that they have been known as Tinjhare Chhango since childhood. “People are now coming in search of Bahubali waterfall,” he said.

Similarly, another 83-year-old local Man Bahadur Jarga Magar says that Jharna has been considered as a goddess since the time of Babubaje. They believe that there are gems burning in the waterfall at night and there is power in the waterfall. Batuli Magar, a local, says that the number of people visiting the waterfall has increased significantly for the past two months, ignoring the weather and geography.


Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)
Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)

How To Reach There?

Kafaldanda can be reached via Dhulikhel-Namobuddha-Dapcha-Pipaltar-Gahte-Falamesanghu-Narayantar to reach the place where the waterfall is located. Another route is Dhulikhel-Bhakunde-Dapcha Daraunepakhari-Pipaltar, Falamesanghu-Narayantar-Kafaldanda. Similarly, Katunje Chowki Danda-Pota Khola-Sisakhani-Mahadevtar-Shikharambote-Narayantar-Kafaldanda can be reached.

Bahubali Jharna (Waterfall)

In terms of kilometers, you have to walk 21 kilometers from Dhulikhel to Bhakunde, 15 kilometers from Bhakunde to Falamesanghu, 9 kilometers from Falamesanghu to Kafaldanda and from there 1 kilometer to reach the waterfall. As Dhulikhel becomes Namobuddha, there is a pitch up to Kavrebhanyang and everything else is raw. While passing through Bhakunde, you have to travel on a dirt road from Bhakunde. But even if you have to travel on a dirt road, the beautiful scenery and natural beauty will be fresh in everyone’s mind, so the journey can be done easily to the three-way waterfall.


Where is Bahubali Jharana ?

How to reach Bahubali Jharana ?

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