Why eSewa?

eSewa offers a easy and reliable way for payment of bills through Internet. The main thing is, it saves Time which is getting scarce day by day. Imagine you can pay your phone bills and also recharge in no time on move, wouldn’t it be fun. The headache getting a recharge card, or using half day on the line to counter is fading out. Its time to switch things to click and OK.

You need to have Internet Banking or Card details registered. Now All you have to do is use internet. eSewa also has a Android app, Apple iOS , Java etc that can be used anywhere.

First you need a make a account. Go to this link esewa.com.np .

To do many things you can just remember some SMS procedure and have things done for you. You don’t need internet for it. So When you are away from web also you are not away.

go to : https://esewa.com.np/static/smssyntax

And choose your choice.

Even you have Western Union here , link : https://esewa.com.np/static/westernunion

If you have more things about eSewa go to FAQs : https://esewa.com.np/static/faq