Heritage For Tourism Development Nepal: Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar

Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar

Heritage For Tourism Development Nepal: Daman, Chitlang, IndrasarovarDaman is a well-known tourist destination in Thaha Municipality of Makwanpur District. Located at an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level, this region is famous for its cool climate and unique natural beauty. Geographically and culturally, Daman can be considered as a truly beautiful gift of nature. Daman is 56 kilometers from Kathmandu, the federal capital of Nepal, and 55 kilometers from Hetauda.

The old Tribhuvan Highway of Nepal, which was opened in the year 2013 BS, has also helped in the development of tourism there. Nepal’s first view tower, which was named Sheetal View Tower, is also in Daman. From this view tower, one can get a panoramic view of the surrounding places including Palung, Daman, Bajrawarahi, Chitlang and 8 out of the 10 highest mountains in the world.

Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar -Notes Nepal
Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar

Daman is considered to be very rich in terms of biodiversity. A temperate horticulture center has been set up here for the study of forest and vegetation, mountain botanical gardens, fruits and food crops. Daman is one of the 100 tourist destinations in Nepal declared by the federal government.Daman is also the holy land of Risheshwar Mahadev of the Hindus and Rampoche, the guru of the Buddhists.

This holy and famous pilgrimage site is located between Seam Bhanjyang and Daman. To reach here, one has to walk for about an hour from that place on Tribhuvan Lokpath. Large crowds of pilgrims flock here on Fridays and Saturdays. Every year a special fair is held here on the big Ekadashi, Phagupurni, Janapurni and Shivaratri days.

A little below Daman lies the Palung area, a place of historical sites and human settlements. Surrounded by beautiful hills, this plain is considered important from the point of view of human settlement and agricultural production.
Another important religious site in the same area is Shankhamool. It is said that there are only three such conch roots in the world, one in the Kathmandu Valley, the other in India and the third there.

The place where the last rites of a person are performed is also of great importance, but it seems to have been overshadowed due to lack of publicity.There is an important religious site, the temple of Bajrabarahi. There are even inscriptions of archeological significance. In that temple, a huge fair of Bajrawarahi Azima is held for three days every three years. At that time, five chariots are sent from different places and Panchavali is also given there.

It is estimated that such a historical journey began about three hundred and fifty years ago. Millions of pilgrims from Makwanpur district as well as Dhading, Hetauda, ​​Kathmandu and other parts of the country come to the fair.Another place famous for its historical, religious, cultural and natural views is Chitlang.

Chitlang, about 20 km from Kathmandu, is surrounded by green forested hills on the east, west and north sides. Chitlang is the first choice of everyone because of its beautiful greenery, healthy air and calm environment. The Chitlang Organic Village Resort has also played an important role in developing tourism in Chitlang.

Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar -Notes Nepal
Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar

Chitlang has witnessed many rulers and rulers of Nepal. There are 2300 years old Lichchhavi architecture and heritage. From the Lichhavi period, people used to cross the Chandragiri hill from Kathmandu to the Terai-Madhesh and pass through Chitlang. The buildings built by Rana Prime Minister Chandrashamsher in 1960 BS are still there. Before Bikram Samvat 2010, Chitlang was the main gateway to the Kathmandu Valley.

The car given to Nepal as a gift by the German ruler Hitler was brought to Kathmandu from Bhimfedi via Chitlang. After the Tribhuvan Highway connecting Kathmandu to the Terai came into operation, Chitlang remained deserted for a long time. But today, with a new color look, Chitlang is returning to the old rhythm.

It is the Ashoka Chaitya in Chitlang, which has a living history of Emperor Ashoka’s visit to Nepal. Legend has it that Emperor Ashoka’s daughter Charumati established the temple in Chitlang when she visited Nepal 2300 years ago. That Ashoka Chaitya is a major tourist attraction in Chitlang. That is why the name Chitlang remained.

Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar -Notes Nepal
Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar

In Chitlang, there is a temple with three gajuras built by the Kirant kings. The temple with three gajuras is considered to be very rare and it is claimed to be only in Chitlang. The location of the inscription of King Udayadeva in the year 45 also gives an idea of ​​the antiquity of the area. Due to such various inscriptions, it has also become a major destination for historians. Another attraction of Chitlang is the sheep farm there.That sheep farm is very attractive.

The importance of Chitlang seems to have increased due to the same Sundarcharan area. The Charan area has also become a filming ground for filming the beautiful scenery there. After opening a goat cheese factory in Bikram Samvat 2061 BS, it is seen that the goat rearing business has increased there.

Chitlang also has an olive cultivation area for the first time in Nepal. Olive oil is considered to be the most expensive oil sold and distributed in the world. Similarly, small animals are also reared there. The animal, which is found only in Congo and Peru, is not found in other South Asian countries, say traders there.

Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar -Notes Nepal
Daman, Chitlang, Indrasarovar

The geographical area of ​​Daman, Chitlang and Indrasarovar is rich not only in ancient heritage but also in art and culture. Another famous place is Kunchhal village, a settlement of Gopalis, 15 minutes ahead of Bajrabarahi.There are 250 huts in one place. The village also has a homestay facility. The village was declared as the destination of 2018 BS by the Nepal Tourism Board.

The number of homestays has also increased in Daman, Chitlang and Indrasarovar areas as the number of tourists is increasing. Along with homestay, new resorts have also started opening there. Along with the development of new settlements in the area, the construction of modern buildings has also increased significantly and so has the population.

Another important tourist destination is Indrasarovar. Indrasarovar is a new model in itself of the Kulekhani Hydropower Project, which has been operating by collecting water from the rivers around the dam in the deep gorge under Markhu and Kulekhani. That lake is considered to be the first in Asia. The place is also famous for aquaculture and fishing. It is about 35 kilometers from Kathmandu and Hetauda and can be reached in about two hours by car.

In recent times, the number of tourists coming through Chitlang to enjoy the lake has been increasing.
The natural beauty, historical and cultural heritage of Daman, Chitlang and Indrasarobar areas have become major attractions for domestic and foreign tourists. In order to accelerate the tourism development in the region, it is necessary to emphasize on the construction of necessary physical infrastructure including adequate transport facilities.

At the same time, it has been felt that making the agricultural system more developed and systematic in the people’s life based on agriculture will help in the development of tourism, which will not only depend on the income of the locals but will also help in the development of the country as a whole.


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