Gym workouts notes..

Some Gym notes that might come handy…

1) Low digesting Carbohydrates

It is seen that low digesting Carbohydrates like whole grains , sweet potatoes, fruit burns more fat when we workout. Fat is to be checked and more on building muscles. Avoid high fat before workout because fat takes most of blood flow for digesting then muscles. Proper blood flow gives bulk of energy for workout.

2) Having some salads really helps the body for different digestion process for Fat and high Carb diets.

3) Protein builds muscles. Protein supplement helps in gaining muscles but it should be strictly advised by a gym professional.

4) 200-400 gm Caffeine

Its shown by research that caffeine taken preworkout increases fat-burning and endurance and blunts muscle pain during training, So more repetition.  Studies show caffeine supplements work better than caffeine taken daily from coffee.

5) Training counts no matter how much you do so even if you cant complete a set, don’t think half set wont help.

6) Sometimes do try high speed repetitions, it gives more strength to the muscles. Slow repetition gives mass. Trying both here and now will keep the progress check in both case.

7) Put extra effort on leg , some extra repetitions. If you are tall you know what I mean, It will look odd for a heavy up and slick down. Leg muscles are to be pushed little further for the volume.

8) Always keep water with you, take sip once in a while to not let dehydration sap your energy.

9) Don’t wait up for the equipment men, just choose another route but keep burning and building muscles.

10) Don’t workout same muscles set , try to workout whole body but with enough repetitions. Before fatigue sets in map gym sets beforehand. A toned body means a toned gym plan at pink panties strain.