Brown Rice (Marsi) : Why is Brown Rice Considered Healthy?

Healthy Food Nepal

Brown Rice (Marsi) : Nepali and Rice Habits

Brown Rice(Marsi), Our main food is rice. Rice means the food of Nepali. Of course, in some places corn husk, millet or sorghum husk is also eaten as staple food. However, in the kitchen of most Nepalis, rice is cooked. It is said that eating white rice has not been very beneficial as health awareness has increased recently. In some diseases, eating rice can be harmful. So what could be the best alternative to rice? Flour bread, corn flakes, millet dough or brown rice.


Why Brown Rice(Marsi) ?

There has been a lot of talk lately,  Health conscious people are choosing it for their food. Why? Brown Rice(Marsi)  is rice that has not been peeled or processed during processing. Because Brown Rice(Marsi) is natural and not bleached, it has more nutrients. It is gluten free. It contains enough fiber. It contains minerals like manganese, phosphorus, selenium and potassium.

While processing white rice destroys the fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. in it. It  is safe for all these nutrients. According to a study published in Food Science and Nutrition, Brown Rice(Marsi), such as whole grains, contains phenolic compounds that reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Consumption of brown rice is said to keep the digestive system active, keep the heart healthy, control cholesterol and control blood pressure. It  is also useful for diabetics.


Healthy Food Nepal
Healthy Food Nepal

Special Features

  • It is rich in antioxidants

It is rich in antioxidants, which protect the body from the damage caused by oxygen free radicals.

  • Prevents obesity

For those who want to lose weight ,It may be a good option. It is relatively low in calories and rich in fiber. As a result, the body’s metabolism (the process of converting food into energy) is agile.



Marsi Chamal
Marsi Chamal
  • Strengthens the digestive system

It contains essential fiber for the body, which helps to strengthen the digestive system. The fiber in it makes the intestinal process effective and makes the stomach feel full.

  • Keeps the heart healthy

It  contains selenium, which helps keep the heart healthy. Consumption of Brown Rice(Marsi)reduces the blockage in arteries due to plaque.



Cooked Marsi
Cooked Marsi

However, Here are some things to keep in mind when eating Brown Rice(Marsi) :

  • As a result, It should not be eaten. Prolonged storage can destroy the natural oil in it.
  • It is important to check the production date to make sure it is fresh.
  • It  can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container for six months.
  •  It should not be heated more than once and should not be cooked for a long time.
  • Due to the outer layer of fiber, It  may take time to ripen. And, it may take longer to ripen than white rice.

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