Mridunga Jharana : Have You Ever Been There ?

Mridunga Jharana

Mridunga Jharana :The Mridunga waterfall in Hilihang village of Panchthar is the choice of domestic tourists after reaching the nearby road. The access road of Pushpalal (Mid-Hills) Highway and Tamor Corridor Road near the waterfall have started to be crowded with domestic tourists. This waterfall is located on the border of Hilihang village municipality ward no. 3 and 4.

The waterfall that falls from the middle of the big rock looks very attractive and beautiful, which attracts a lot of tourists. The waterfall can be reached after an hour’s journey from Mechi Highway to Hilihang-1, Bhaluchok and Phedapa. The pressure of domestic tourists is increasing day by day as all types of vehicles can reach Mridunga Jharana .

 Mridunga Jharana -Notes Nepal
Mridunga Jharana –

This waterfall has become a strong example that the road opens up other dimensions of development and prosperity. Entrepreneur Chapagain says that more than 250 tourists visit here daily. The Tamor Corridor road has been widened from 200 meters near the Mridunga Jharana .

A detailed project report (DPR) is being prepared in the current fiscal year 2077/78 to make the waterfall a systematic tourist destination. He said that based on the report, efforts will be made to make this waterfall naturally beautiful.

As the roadside parking lot, stairway, swimming pool and other structures are needed, the construction work of those structures will also start, said Ward Chairman Sigu.

The Mridunga Jharana is important in terms of tourism potential but it is in zero condition in terms of infrastructure. “It seems that there is a crowd of tourists here.

It is also possible to reap huge benefits from tourism promotion, ”said Nemwang.“ The local and state governments should invest in this. ”

The waterfall is very beautiful and attractive and the locals can get huge income from it as the Tamor Corridor is about to come into operation. “The government can reap huge economic benefits from building infrastructure and conducting systematic publicity .

 Mridunga Jharana -Notes Nepal
Mridunga Jharana

As it does not take long to reach here from Fidim and Taplejung, the pressure of local tourists is increasing. According to locals and businessman Chapagain, water is scarce here in winter. He said that efforts should be made to divert the water from the waterfall as it is close to the Subhang River waterfall.

Similarly, The temple above the waterfall should be renovated and other necessary infrastructures should be constructed to make it a source of government revenue. two or three hundred people come daily. When people started coming.

Although it has been cultivated since ancient times, this place was a corner. Even the working people did not want to come. Now they have started coming from far and wide, nitially, this waterfall was known as Mridunga Jharana . Recently, the name of this waterfall is said to be Mr. Lung Waterfall.

There are people playing and enjoying the waterfall that falls from the high mountains. This waterfall has been widely discussed for a few months now. Now you have to wait for the turn to take a photo in this place. The place in Azhel is widespread. The place was getting publicity. Infrastructure development work has been started in this place.

The popularity of this waterfall is increasing day by day. It is easy to reach here as there is a gravel road near the waterfall. Cars, motorcycles, scooters seem to reach here. tourists from the country and abroad are likely to come not only from Panchthar and neighboring districts if the place is developed and promoted.

The beauty of this waterfall in a hot place is very captivating. In the summer, you can enjoy the coolness of the Mridunga Jharana .Nowadays, as the number of people visiting here has increased, pictures of this place seem to be filling up on social media.

 Mridunga Jharana -Notes Nepal
Mridunga Jharana

It was a suitable destination to enjoy one day. As it snows in this place, the water decreases. The locals say that the local and state governments should place emphasis on the management of alternative water and development of this place. Development of physical infrastructure on behalf of Government .


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