This Summer lets make it alive!

Summer is time of Hot Sun and Cool musical Rainfall side by side here in Nepal….But mostly also sweaty shirts and difficult afternoon full of temperature tantrums. So lets make this summer as possible calm and peaceful by some tips below. I wont go for obvious but some new ways from old. Hope it helps.



  • Plant some sapling and let it grow through the Summer to the Yellowish Autumn. When the fragrance of Dashai sheds in with all its colour let your small effort rise with all the greenness. You will forget the Heat I bet only the joy of bringing more life will remain.

  • Get some cool colourful sparkles to your wardrobe..How about new sandals and flip-flops. Make sure they can handle usual overflow of water we get.

  • Try green aromatic tea on mornings. They are light compare to Coffee. Why not before exercise in a glass made tea cup it does give different aesthetic taste too.

  • As Summer has loads of Sun light and moisture , its the best time to plant green indoor plants.

  • Summer has a different energy on its own, Download some cool music preferably vibrant ones for eg. Flutes, Guitar, Soft Drums. Let they make it more colourful.

  • And the best thing that only happens in Summer is Rainfall and more then that Pitter-Patter sound after 9pm. I hope you got me there…try some tin on roof tops to enjoy the music of night.

  • Yes Yes.. we need to drink loads of Water, Juices, Stay away from mid day rush etc but do you know your dear pet also needs cool shade and open air to survive the heat. Know that they don’t sweat like us so be very careful for them. Happy Summer ahead!