Shah Dynasty : The Shah Kings of Nepal

Shah Dynasty

Shah Dynasty, Chittorgarh in Rajasthan is the ancestral home of the Shah dynasty kings of Nepal. The founder of Chittorgarh is Chandravanshi Bhattarak Rishi Raj Ranaji. After Bhattaraka sage Ranaji, the 33rd king of the same dynasty, Bhupati Ranaji Rao, had three sons, Udaybam, Fatehsingh and Manmath, and a daughter named Sadal, who was very beautiful. King Bhupathi Rana Rao’s son Fateh Singh and many others were killed in the battle.


Shah Dynasty
Shah Dynasty

Sadal committed suicide. Among the survivors, Manmath went to Ujjain. After a quarrel with Bhupal Ranaji Rao Daju, the youngest son of Manmath, Ridi of Pal came to the north from Ujjain.

Shah Dynasty kings of Gorkha before Unification:

1. Dravya Shah

1616 BS–1627 BS  (On 25 Bhadra 1616 BS, he became the king of Gorkha)

2. Purandar (Purna Shah) :

1627 BS-1662 BS

3. Chhatra Shah :

1662 BS -1663BS (ruled for only 7 months and lost his life prematurely)

4.  Ram Shah:

1663 BS -1693 BS ( He is the brother of Chhatra Shah. As Chhatra Shah was childless, Ram Shah became king)

5.  Dambar Shah 


The Kathmandu Attack
Shah Dynasty

1693 BS–1701 BS

6.  Krishna Shah

1701 BS –1707 BS

7.  Rudra Shah :

1707 BS–1728 BS

8.  Prithvipati Shah:

1728 BS –1773 BS

9.  Narbhupal Shah :

1773 BS–1799 BS


Shah Dynasty
Shah Dynasty


Prithvipati Shah’s son Birbhadra Shah died in the state of Yuvaraja and his brothers were not seen as influential, so after Prithvipati Shah, his grandson Narbhupal Shah became the king. The establishment of the Gorkha state was done by Dravya Shah in B.C. Done on September 25, 1616. Just as Dravya Shah established the Gurkha state, Yashobram Shah established the Lamjung state.

Shah Dynasty kings after Unification

10.Prithvinarayan Shah 


11.Pratap Singh Shah


12.Ranbahadur Shah 


13.Girvana Yuddha Bikram Shah


Shah Dynasty
Pratap Singh Shah


14.Rajendra Bikram Shah


15.Surendra Bikram Shah 


16.Trilokya Bikram Shah dies as Yuvaraj

17.Prithvi Bir Bikram Shah 


18.Tribhuvan Bir Bikram Shah


19.Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah


20.Birendra Bir Bikram Shah


21.Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah 

Jestha 2058 (4 days)

22.Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah



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