Taltalaiya: A Beautiful Tourist Destination Of Sunsari


Taltalaiya Introduction

Taltalaiya  area is spread in 2nd and 3rd wards of Itahari sub-metropolis. There are 7 lakes in the lake spread over about 20 hectares. People reach the lake to enjoy the natural lake and nature. Boating can be enjoyed in one of the seven lakes here. 1 no. No. 1 to become a model tourist area of ​​the state.

The Taltalaiya area in Itahari, the business center of the state, has been expanded as a model tourist destination of the state.Tourism infrastructures are being constructed in 21.50 hectare area out of 76.75 hectare land under it   Development and Conservation Committee.

Taltalaiya -Notes Nepal

With the technical and financial support of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, 28 statues have been constructed in the presence of national and international sculptors. When you look around the statue here, you can see different shapes.Sculptors from Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Israel, India and Nepal have carved the stone to make the beauty of Taltalaiya more attractive, from the human heart, to the mother statue, to the fish statue, as well as to a variety of artistic statues.

The 28-day-old statue uses stones from the Sardu watershed area of ​​Dharan.


Taltalaiya -Notes Nepal

The once-simmering Taltalaiya area of ​​Itahari has been transformed into a tourist destination. Attempts were made to expand the Taltalaiya area as a tourist area in Itahari in 2055 BS and 2056 BS under the leadership of the then chief Sarvadhwoj Saawa. At that time, nothing could be done except planting trees and constructing cottages. That effort was thwarted during the conflict.

In 2062 BS, the Urban Development and Building Division Office constructed a motor road from Jute Development Toll of Itahari to Taltalaiya, constructed a building within the Taltalaiya Conservation Area, provided drinking water, constructed culverts, constructed toilets, cottages for picnics and paved roads for tourists.

With the completion of the road construction, the Taltalaiya area began to develop as a tourist destination.From 2066 BS, 76.75 hectares of land in Community Forest Users Group Itahari 2 and Saraswati Community Forest Users Group Itahari 3 were consolidated and brought under the Taltalaiya Development Conservation Committee.

Thus, the committee, which has been officially involved in the campaign to expand the tourism sector since 2066 BS, has now constructed various types of statues from the construction of the lake. According to the locals, the face of Taltalaiya has started changing.

Tourism  significance

The Taltalaiya Tourism Area, which has been operating in a systematic manner since 2066 BS, attracts up to 5,000 tourists daily during the season. Especially from October to the second week of February, this place attracts a lot of tourists. The lake, which is becoming a destination for both internal and external tourists, has been attracting more and more tourists, especially those who have picnics. Similarly, tourists come for observation of animals, observation of biodiversity and research.

Natural beauty

Taltalaiya -Notes Nepal

A variety of artistic statues have been erected in the Lake Talaiya tourist area with the aim of entertaining tourists and assisting in various types of research. For those who are bothered by the heat of the Tarai, if you go a little higher, the wetland area and the attractive places within the forest will attract the tourists.


Looking at different places in the east, the lake seems to be suitable due to its environmental and biodiversity. There are many endangered animals in the mini zoo such as dragon, peacock, huchil, chital, nigale dam, chari dam, dumsi, vulture, fox, chil, monkey, tortoise. The wildlife found by the forest user members is preserved here.


Until now, child-friendly parks, picnic spots, boat rides, horse races, etc., have been provided in this lake. In addition, tourists will be able to observe and research animals such as chitals, deer, various species of rabbits, foxes, tigers, buffaloes, turtles, deer, and dragons. This is also the desire to ride a horse. There is a children’s park for children.


Taltalaiya -Notes Nepal

Although Taltalaiya is an attractive destination, special attention should be paid to sanitation. In some cases, tourists cannot come and stay for a long time due to lack of sanitation in the Taltalaiya tourist area.

How to reach ?

The lake is about 7 km north of Itahari Chowk and 5 km east of Tarahara on the Koshi Highway.


Where is Taltalaiya ?

How to reach Taltalaiya ?

What is the attraction of Taltalaiya ?

Where is Taltalaiya ?


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