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Travel And Budget management :Traveling inside or outside the country has become a unique part of people’s lives. Walking helps people to get some relief from work or other stress, as well as to strengthen the bonds between family and friends.But, if the travel plan is not well planned, people may feel ashamed among the same family or friends.

A story of Bollywood

Travel Budget -Notes Nepal
Travel Budget Management

Bowman Irani is a well-known Bollywood actor. People who watch ‘Munna Bhai’ or ‘Three Idiots’ are ‘crazy’ about his ‘acting’. However, his start was very normal.Once upon a time, he was running a potato shop in his home business, selling potatoes. He changed his profession at the age of 35 and became a photographer. He entered Bollywood only after he was over 40.

While working as a photographer, at the age of 40, he decided to take his family on a camel vacation to India. That was the first time he was going to visit his family. Everyone was excited. He also booked a hotel by looking at the number from his ‘alo page’.But, when they reached the camel and entered the hotel room, it was as if they had fallen off a cliff.

Travel Budget -Notes Nepal
Travel Budget

The hotel was even smaller than his usual home. Extremely dirty and even zero watts! Other family members were also upset.Then he was very embarrassed and went out all night in search of another hotel. And he stayed in a nice hotel. But, shortening his 7-day trip to 4 days (because the price of the new hotel is higher than the hotel he booked earlier).

He considers this to be the greatest lesson he has ever learned. He said that he deeply understands the importance of financial management and other schemes. And, he says, that learning is equally applicable to other areas of life.

About Nepal

Lately, the number of Nepalis who have a hobby of wandering has been increasing. The number of people visiting different countries from the domestic tourist area is plentiful.Especially during long vacations and newlyweds go abroad for sightseeing. Such travel also helps to become familiar with the environment of the country and abroad.

But the cost of traveling is the same. It costs more to travel to other countries.Traveling abroad without prior preparation can be a financial burden. Therefore, it is important to make a financial plan to fulfill the desire to travel abroad or at home. Otherwise, Bowman will have the same rhythm as Irani.

Only a good financial plan can make your trip abroad successful and pleasant. How to make your plan to travel abroad successful and comfortable? Here is some discussion about it.

Make a budget

Travel Budget -Notes Nepal
Travel Budget

A good budget plan can be easy and successful to achieve all financial goals. So if you are going to travel abroad, prepare a budget plan first. Have an estimate of your estimated cost.Get detailed information about where you are going and make a list of expenses to be incurred there.

If you are employed, deduct your monthly expenses, including household expenses, and divide the estimated cost of traveling abroad.It shows how much you need to save each month and how much time it takes to achieve your goal of traveling abroad. It will help you a lot.

Invest the savings

Now, to accomplish your goal of traveling abroad, invest your monthly savings in a source of income. It saves you money as well as your plan to travel abroad before your goal.

Use extra income

If you work for a company and you get extra money like bonuses, allowances from there, you can use it to make your plan to travel abroad successful.Even if you work extra 5/6 hours part time in addition to regular work, it will be your extra income. It can also help you achieve your goal of traveling abroad faster.

Also, the extra money you receive as a gift on your birthday or wedding anniversary can help you make your trip abroad a success.

Speed ​​up ticket booking

If your goal is to travel abroad and you are preparing your budget accordingly, first determine the country you want to go to. It is advisable to book tickets 2/3 months before departure. Because when you book a ticket quickly, you can get a discount and your financial plan is successful.

Take a travel loan

If you can’t afford to travel abroad, you can get a travel loan from a bank or financial institution. But before taking such a loan, it is equally important to plan ahead to repay it well in advance. Some banks and financial institutions provide loans in the form of personal loans rather than travel loans. In this they flow the loan according to your income.


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