Fikuri Trek : New and Adventurous Trekking Trail in Nepal

Fikuri Trek

Fikuri Trek : Travel Vlog

Fikuri Trek, The rain suddenly disappeared. It started to snow everywhere. Goreto turned white. Snow began to fall on Guran’s plants. Forgetting the fatigue of the day, we started hopping. We seemed to have reached the most beautiful moment of our lives.

At that time, we had reached near the lake of Zyuda. After climbing a little higher, you reach Bhedi Kharka. It takes less than half an hour to reach Fikuri hill. Slightly rising to the left, the lake is covered with snow. Seeing that, the cedar trees were probably jealous.

Fikuri Trek
Fikuri Trek

They were dripping snow from their heads. The mind was, let’s sit for hours and watch that wonderful rhythm of nature. The day was falling. We hurried to Bhedikharka for the third stop of the trip.

When we reached Bhedi Kharka, tents buried in the snow and a nearby barn were waiting for us. The kitchen of the barn felt very warm in the cold environment. Black tea is even hotter. The destination is Fikuri hill at an altitude of 3800 meters and this is the third evening of the journey.


Starting The Journey to Fikuri

We were in a special mood of the journey without leaving Kathmandu. We were greeted by the peaks of Langtang and Ganesh Himal in the north from Gurje Bhanjyang hill in Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park.

We could see the ‘good luck’ given to us by those peaks through the windows of the bus. Folk songs were playing in the window. We were dancing in the rough seats of the road. On top of that, occasional jokes about fellow passengers.

Shortly after lunch, we climbed the historic Satatle Durbar area of ​​Nuwakot from a hot valley like Terai. Where did the previous heat go in an instant? We began to experience mountain gusts in the air. The cold of Langtang, Ganesh Himal and Fikuri was probably mixed in that jhonka.


Fikuri Trek

Before reaching Nuwakot Durbar, we stopped at the bottom station of the district’s first jeep line, which started just above the Durbar area and ended just below the Durbar.

The special feature of this zipline is that while doing the zipline, one can see not only Trishuli Bazaar, Trishuli river, fields up to Battar, mountains as far as Parpar, but also Sattale Durbar, Purano Bazaar and Bhairavi Temple of Nuwakot. When we reached the old market on the hill, the welcome of the locals was very cultural. There was dancing in the steps, there. Dancing and singing, they took us not only from the bazaar to the Durbar area, but also to the Bhairavi temple.

Hundreds of years ago, Nuwakot, a historical site rich in its own heritage and art and culture, has a special place in Nepali history. The original art and culture of Nuwakot, which is rich in historical heritage, cultural heritage and sites of archeological importance, fascinates everyone. We were also fascinated.

After observing the Nuwakot Durbar area, a historical site under the Bidur Municipality, which is also the old headquarters of Nuwakot district, we proceeded to Suryagadhi.

Fikuri Trek
Fikuri Trek


On the way, the locals were welcoming us with red gourds in their hands. To link the culture of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ with the economic transformation of the society, the villages seemed to be becoming tourism friendly. Old and young, young and old, all seemed excited to connect agriculture with culture, culture and many aspects of rural life. We were going to Suryagadhi at an altitude of 1655 meters. This fort of historical significance is a coveted view point.

The hilly scenery seen from here to the other side was just as captivating, the view was getting more divine as the sunset started. The mountain range and the ‘Annapurna Fields’ seen from there are even more indescribable! The first residence was at Chogte in Suryagadhi. We stayed in the homestay there. On the one hand, there was the feeling of being reminded of the house we found there, and the evening Village Culture Show was even more special!


The Second Day

On the second day of the trip, breakfast in Chogte, lunch in Manegaon and overnight stay in Kispang. Manegaon’s lunch was not just a lunch, it was a local cultural lunch.

After lunch, we reached Dungmang sheep farm at 2,000 meters through cold water, Kirkle, Digaun, Ammate and Kahu. Famous as the first sheep farm in Nepal, this area is even more special for its landscape.On the way to Khaptad, Patan or on the way to Tibet, I could see the surrounding green hills and snow-capped peaks. The sun began to shine. The wind began to blow hard. We walked to nearby Kispang.

By the time he got there, he was already in bloom. Psycho and Mendomaya, including Bajagaja, have started to rank Kispang completely. Jhankrinach and many other local items had already started jumping up to Fikuri above Kispangchaur.

Beautiful Nepal
Fikuri Trek

Even though the nearby Kispang Lake was dry due to the weather, my heart was probably burning. The enchanting monastery next door was probably shaking its feet in the song. Kispang was in a special festival. In the tourism festival!

I wanted to stay awake till late at night in Musik Kispang, but tomorrow morning the special trek of Fikuri Yatra was starting. So we slept on time. Our eyes were fixed on Fikuri peak from Kispang Chaur in the evening. The head of the nearby monastery was glistening, what a precious sight it was.

After eating kheer and open local breakfast in the morning, we started the Fikuri trek with backpacks and sticks. The real fun of the trip had already begun. Walking, climbing, getting tired, talking to the locals we met on the way and the fellow passengers laughing at each other, we kept moving forward.

At the same moment, a huge mound was seen, named Naughaderi. It was a rocky mountain. Sri Lanka’s most famous tourist attraction is Sigariya, also known as Ravana’s palace area, which Sri Lankans even call the eighth wonder of the world.

It was not that the body was not tired in the uphill, but the intoxication of the environment was constantly filling the legs with energy. After reaching the top, we rested in the sun and opened the packed lunch brought from Kispang and worshiped. Reaching Fikuri, Mahadev and Mane were to be worshiped tomorrow morning.

I don’t know if Ghamdhunga was the name of that style or not, but one of our fellow passengers named it Ghamdhunga. The sun was shining on the stone when it reached the small square in the middle of the road.

After a little boiling, it started to rain. After a while, the rain stopped, but it started to snow. That’s when we hip-hop in the snow. A little further on, the lake of Jyoda is covered with snow. We stayed in a tent on the snow in Bhedi Kharka a little higher. Having dinner in the kitchen of the sheepfold next door.

Fikuri Trek
Fikuri Trek


The Fikuri Trek

It was probably the first time in our lives that we were so close to the snow within hours of starting a special trek. We were one with the snow. The roof of the barn was white with snow. The doves of every step we took were signed in the snow. Friends were singing the praises of the snow.

Tomorrow morning I had to go to Fikuri and see the waves of beauty seen from there, which will last as long as the earth lasts, the clouds, the mountains, the sky, the sunrise.

In the Tamang language, fikuri means the head of a rich forest. And, from that head, there is a scene that catches the eye. Langtang, Ganesh, Dorjelakpa, Manaslu, Annapurna and Tibetan mountain ranges. No matter how much you look at it, you will see it! According to the local elders, even the glitter of Kathmandu can be seen from the hill at night.

The height of the beauty seen from here during sunrise and sunset seems indescribable. On top of that, what to talk about the divinity after the flags with Buddhist mantras mixed culture, spirituality and faith in nature?

Fikuri hill, which has been a common pilgrimage site since time immemorial, is also worshiped as a place of Buddha and Mahadev. Lama, Jhankri and pilgrims throng the fairs on the occasion of Janapurnima. Fikuri philosophy is believed to fulfill people’s desires.

Fikuri Kispang Village Municipality-2, Nuwakot is an attractive place to visit the Himalayas. The then Salme, Valche, Kahule, Manakamana and Fikuri VDCs merged to form this village municipality in 2073 BS. The Tamang caste is the majority in this multi-ethnic village municipality. Surrounded by Meghang in the west, Bidur in the south, Uttargaya of Rasuwa in the east and Ruby Valley of Dhading in the north.


Beautiful Mountain
Fikuri Trek

How To Reach

Fikuri is the nearest new trekking destination from Kathmandu. This is a suitable trek for both short and long trekking. If you want, you can reach Fikuri Tuppo even on the third day of leaving Kathmandu. However, you can also extend your trekking days by visiting other historical sites in Nuwakot.

This trail is also a confluence of history, nature and culture. Nuwakot’s historic Sattale Durbar, Suryagadhi, Kispang, Dungmang, Fikuri Danda, Taji, Satdobato, Rasuwa’s Thulogaun and Ghalegadhi. The isolated hilly scenery, village life, many species of trees and birds can also be observed.

On the fourth day, we are descending from Fikuri with the touch of snow all over our bodies and the fragrance of cedar, red gourds and innumerable other herbs in our environment. The snow that fell overnight made the road not only brighter but also softer. When it arrives fresh, it starts raining again. Opening the packed lunch pack the day before, some friends ate kheer with Masyang’s dried vegetables.

There is a lunch program at Satdobato below. When we got there, we were proud of how rich and blessed we are in culture and music, while enjoying the local hymns.


Fikuri Trek
Fikuri Trek

After lunch, we arrived at the large village in the Uttargaya village of Rasuwa, where we were staying that day. The waterfalls along the way were making the journey more enjoyable. Not only the special performance of Satighatu dance, which was dominated by Gurungs, but the rehearsal that lasted till late evening was no less spectacular.

The highlight of the fifth and final day of the trip was Ghalegadhi, a strategic fort connected to the history of the Nepal-Bhote war. It was a huge rock.The hilly and mountainous scenery from there to Parpar made everyone think that this journey would not end yet.

When I arrived in Kathmandu in the evening, I was in a hurry to share many of the most beautiful scenes and experiences of the Fikuri  Trek with my family and friends.

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