Phungphunge Jharna :The Mesmerizing Tourist Destination in Taplejung

Phungphunge jharna

Phungphunge Jharna Background:

Phungphunge Jharna, a captivating tourist destination in Taplejung. Since the sound of the waterfall falling from the 300 meter high rock trembling is the sound of the waterfall, the name must have been heard.

Phungphunge jharna
Phungphunge jharna


Phungphunge waterfall located in Mikwakhola village municipality, which is one day’s walk from Taplejung district headquarters, is an attractive area for tourists. The water falling in this beautiful waterfall is mixed in the fruit game. The Government of Nepal has identified 100 places with strong tourism potential and launched a program to develop them as tourist destinations. Under this, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has also selected Phungphunge Waterfall in Taplejung district among the 100 new tourist destinations to be promoted.

Religious and cultural significance

This waterfall is not only full of natural beauty but also has tourist and religious significance. The waterfall should be considered as a symbol of power. There is also a shrine of the goddess Phungphunge near the foot of the waterfall. Devotees go here to worship the goddess.

Taplejung Warerfall
Phungphunge jharna

Natural beauty

The breathtaking view of this waterfall captivates everyone. Phungphunge waterfall, which has a lot of potential for tourism development, is sure to be attractive for tourists.

Tourism promotion

The Tamor Corridor, the shortest road connecting India and China, is under construction. Tourist activity is expected to increase after the construction of the road, said the residents around the waterfall. Now it is not easy to get there. A few years ago, a fun festival was also organized.

Phungphunge jharna
Phungphunge jharna

Tourism potential

With the construction of physical infrastructure including roads in the Phungphunge waterfall area, which has a lot of potential in terms of tourism promotion, the number of internal and external tourists will increase every year and will contribute a lot to the development of Taplejung.


Due to lack of necessary infrastructure development and proper publicity nationally and internationally, Taplejung’s waterfall has come to a standstill. But there is no road transport facility to go to the waterfall which has made this beauty corner anonymous.

Taplejung Waterfall
Phungphunge jharna

How to reach

It takes a whole day from the district headquarters to reach the place where the waterfall is located in Mikwakhola village north of Taplejung district headquarters Phungling Bazaar and those who can walk a little can reach it in about 5 hours.

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