Rani Jharna : The Most Adventurous Cannoning Experience in Nepal

the waterfall in nepal

Background of Rani Jharna :

Rani Jharna Cannoning in Dhading has become a center of attraction for anyone who wants a secluded and peaceful environment. Cannoning is a commercially developed adventure sport in Nepal. Cannoning is an adventurous tourist attraction developed in Nepal as an adventure sport that is played by jumping and slipping on a scary rocky cliff with a rope.

rani jharna
Rani waterfall 


This waterfall, located in Thakre Gaonpalika-6 of Dhading district, has beautiful shades of different styles in one place. The first waterfall to have enough water even in winter is at a height of 25 meters. Along with the first waterfall, which is very useful for cannoning, there is another waterfall of nine meters. There is even a swimming pool at the foot of the second waterfall. The third waterfall is a solitary and blissful waterfall. Here you can enjoy jumping, swimming and canyoning.

The Government of Nepal has identified 100 places with strong potential for tourism and launched a program to develop them as tourist destinations. Under this, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has also selected Rani Jharna Cannoning in Dhading district as one of the 100 new tourist destinations to be promoted.

the waterfall in nepal
the waterfall in nepal

Natural beauty of Rani Jharna

The beautiful waterfalls, green trees and plants and the beauty of the surroundings captivate the heart. The three waterfalls attract not only adventure lovers but also those who enjoy solitude and tranquility.

Tourist significance

This can be taken advantage of by attracting internal and external tourists.

rani jharna
the waterfall in nepal

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Tourism Potential

The government has identified 100 new tourist destinations across the country, so the tourism potential is strong.

Waterfall in nepal
the waterfall in nepal

How to reach Rani Jharna

Rani Jharna is at a distance of 40 kilometers from Kathmandu. It is about an hour’s drive away.

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