Black Out Bungee :New Flavor In Bungee

Black out bungee

Black Out Bungee : Who wouldn’t want to experience an exciting adventure game! Lately, people’s attachment to adventure sports has been increasing in Nepal. Paragliding, bungee jumping, canyoning, rock climbing, Superman Jeepline, and other adventurous and exciting sports are attracting young people.

There is a tendency among the youth with new vigor and enthusiasm to play such adventure games. Playing such games is an opportunity to understand oneself, a time to examine oneself, to challenge oneself, and a moment to measure one’s inner fear.You may have experienced some of these and are thinking of doing something.

Black out bungee -Notes Nepal
Black out bungee

But today we are talking about bungee blackout.In 1999, The Last Resort launched Bungee in Bhotekoshi, targeting both internal and external ports. The Bhotekoshi River flows in the shape of a serpent between two large hills. Wari Panglang Basti and Pari Tyangthali. By connecting these settlements, a 170 meter long suspension bridge was built and bungee was started from a height of about 160 meters.

At that time, bungee jumping was done only in the afternoon. But in 2017, with the idea of ​​doing something new in bungee jumping, ‘Bungee Black Out’ was launched.Bungee black out is a kind of bungee. Which is done at night. It has been only a year and a half since it entered Nepal.



This game is mainly played twice a year. On English Halloween Day and Nepali New Year’s Eve. That too is limited to a maximum of 15 players.”We’ve tried to make it a new test for adventure lovers. We’ve done it twice a year, but we plan to do it a day or two a month if the craze continues.”

Day bungee is also done in Pokhara. However, the bungee blackout can only be experienced at The Last Resort . Nepali youth have been attracted to it more than foreigners recently. “Even girls are more attracted to the game than boys. “Blackout can also be done at the rate of day bungee?

Another assistant manager of the resort, Binod Majhi, said, “Right now, we have not set a separate rate for blackouts.” Includes overnight package. ’11 thousand 400 dollars for Nepalis, 12 thousand dollars for SAARC countries and 128 dollars for other countries. There is transport facility from Kathmandu to the resort and 4 meals are provided.

If you want to go to the package, the company manages accordingly or you can go alone. In order to play sports, a person must first be physically and mentally fit. The same method is used in bungee black out as in day bungee. General physical examination is done. The bungee master then gives detailed information about the game.

When reaching the platform. After the jump master wears ankle harness and full body harness and light jacket, the jumper is reminded of the method again. When he is confident that he can do it, the harness he wears is attached to a long rope. When the jump master takes to the edge of the platform.

Black out bungee -Notes Nepal
Black out bungee

Then the counting begins. During that time, if you have confidence, you should indicate that you are ready to fly, if not, you should take some time.When the jumper agrees to fly, the jump master releases him. In a 3 second free fall, the jumper can experience fear. How exciting or how scary that moment is only known after experiencing it.

Jumping from a height of 160 meters is certainly not a small thing. Knowing that they are safe in every way, some wake up and back off, while others decide to give up.

Black out bungee -Notes Nepal
Black out bungee

What kind of person can’t black out bungee / bungee?

  • Because of high blood pressure
  • Pregnant
  • The neurologist
  • Because of the problem of asthma
  • Epilepsy patients

Heart patients   

If you have experienced day bungee, you must experience bungee black out once and feel what it would be like to jump from a height of 160 meters in the dark night and face that wind speed of 150 kilometers per hour!


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