Dharmadham : Tourist Attraction In ‘Dharmadham’


Dharmadham : Shrikrishna Pranami Temple ‘Dharmadham’ in Jirauna, Ratnanagar has become a tourist attraction. Tourists are attracted to the shrine as it is built in an attractive art style. It is known as the model temple of the district.Chairman of the shrine Shyam Baral informed that the temple is also crowded with religious tourists from other districts. According to him, at least 200 to 500 religious tourists visit the temple daily.

The shrine, built at a cost of Rs. 70 million in Ratnanagar Municipality-11, Jirauna, came into operation on March 22. The temple was established here in 2024 BS. The old temple of Dharmadham in the area of ​​15 katthas has been upgraded and made beautiful and attractive.The Dharmadham temple is beautiful with its state-of-the-art design.

The temple has a beautiful view of the old age home, yajna mandapa, restaurant, garden as well as attractive doors can be seen from the temple. There are beautiful idols of various deities around the temple. There is also an attractive picture of the rare one-horned rhino found in Chitwan. Dharmadham

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Inside the temple, attractive sculptures of Radha and Krishna have been made. Modern but traditionally carved windows and doors, golden walls and artistic tundals add to the beauty of the shrine. Gajur, which looks like a roof of gold, has added more beauty to it. The scene where Krishna played with his friend in Brindavan is also carved.  Dharmadham

Recently, a satsang building has been constructed at the Dharmadham at a cost of Rs. 775,000. Jagadish Chandra Sharma, central member of Shrikrishna Pranami Youth Council, said that satsangs are held daily. Sharma claimed that the temple was a model of the country.Local Urmila Khadka also comes to the temple daily to worship.


“I feel happy when I come to the temple,” was his response. Daily storytelling and Aarti have made those who have religious faith happy. A month-long Vitak Katha (Krishna Katha) has also started here from Thursday Dharmadham

Deputy Chief of Ratnanagar Municipality Bimala Dawadi said that the shrine established as a tourist temple has helped in the development of tourism in Ratnanagar. He said that spiritual thinking inspires people to be positive.

Kanchan Khanal, Member of the Provincial Assembly for Province No. 3, stressed on the need to move forward by fusing the two as the objective of religion and politics is social development and reform. The shrine was inaugurated by President Bidyadevi Bhandari on March 25.Dharmadham


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