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Maobadi Janayuddha

Maobadi : Due to the historic people’s war that lasted for 12 years, not only the system of governance in Nepal was changed, but also events like Rukum Khara and Athabiscot reached the United States, which is also a world power. Nepali people’s war became a history of the world. More than 15,000 people lost their lives in the war.

The CPN-Maoist, which led the People’s War at that time, has now entered the government and parliament through the peace process and is in parliamentary politics. Similarly, the Maoists, led by Biplav  Maobadi and Mohan Vaidya, are now in the process of unified people’s revolution, saying that the Maoist center has forgotten the agenda of people’s war by hanging in the parliamentary system.

The rebel Maobadi , who have been active in influencing and boycotting the elections from time to time, do not seem to be very active at other times. It is being announced that the exercise of the CPN-Maoist and the CPN-UML has also reached the final stage. Thus began the People’s War from Rukum .

Maobadi -Notes Nepal

A day-long battle was planned in the lower room of a house at Sanardula, Duli-1, Rukum, on Monday, January 13, 2006. As the first action of the people’s war announced by the then CPN-Maobadi, the issue of capturing the area police post at Athaviskot Radhi was discussed. The first targets after the declaration of People’s War were Athaviskot in Rukum, Holeri in Rolpa and Sindhuligadhi Police Post in Sindhuli district.

The political commander of the attack on the Athaviskot Area Police Office was Hemant Prakash Oli Sudarshan, a member of the UCPN-Maoist, and Ganeshman Pun Rashmi, a former minister. Sanardula’s training had instilled in everyone the mentality of attacking a police post without any training.

The attacking team had no training other than training. Sudarshan and Rashmi imparted training on the ground floor of the same house on January 12 on the preparation of the Area Police Office for capture, necessary items, map study, and possible manpower in EPRA. After a day of training, Maoist fighters led by Maobadi Field Commander Ganesh Man Pun advanced from Sanardula to attack the Area Police Office, Athaviskot.

After reaching Athavisdandagaun VDC from Sanardula, they proceeded after dinner and reached Radhi at 11 pm to attack IPR. Through a hand mic, Commander Ganeshman Pun begs the police to surrender. Along with Kashan, others also proceed as per the instructions received from their respective arcs.

After about two hours, the entire EPR is captured. They also seize all the provisions there. After explaining to the police, the Maoists walk towards their shelter chanting slogans like “People’s War Zindabad”.

What weapons were used in the first attack?

Maobadi -Notes Nepal
Maobadi Janayuddha

One of the first attacks at the beginning of the People’s War was the attack on the Athaviskot Area Police Office. However, no weapons were fired in the first battle of the People’s War. No one was killed in the first attack of the People’s War. The Maobadi’s plan was not to kill the police but to capture the outpost and remind them.

The Maobadi seized three Knot Three Rifle bullets, dynamite, fuel wire and other provisions from the outpost. Besides, there was no capture due to lack of other weapons and the Maoists could not reduce their weapons as expected. The outpost was unarmed after the police brought weapons to the district headquarters to collect the salaries of the police personnel.

Documents related to various petitions filed at the police post were also destroyed during the attack. There were more than two dozen Maoists attacking the police post. Different groups were divided for a successful attack. The war plan was made with full confidence of victory, thinking that if the first attack of the people’s war failed for some reason, the way ahead of the people’s war could become uncomfortable.

That is why various groups were formed to make the attack a success. In particular, the group had to fulfill its responsibility. Daulatram Gharti of Rukum Khara and Vijay Ghale who were martyred while capturing the Triveni Police Post in Dolpa on December 19, 2008. He commanded the attack group.

After the attack on Athabiscot outpost.

After the attack on some outposts including Rukum and Rolpa, the then Maoists formally started a people’s war. The government also used all its power to prepare for war. After the Maoist people’s war spread more than expected, all the foreign forces, including the Royal Nepal Army of Nepal Police, landed for the Maoist war. Rukum’s Salt Army Barracks was also a hot topic.

Maobadi The cultural front of the war also played a very important role. The Maoist party used to perform various cultural programs and plays to spread the party’s ideas and views to the masses. Despite the fear of government security, the people of Rukum Rolpa secretly liked, listened to and watched such songs and music.


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