Cow Urine : Why are cows revered? The Miraculous Benefit of Cow Urine

Cow Urine

Cow Urine, The cow is a sacred and virtuous animal. We worship the cow. There were some species of cows on this earth in the early days. About 9,500 years ago, Guru Vashishta expanded the total number of cows and even developed some new species. There were 9-10 breeds of cows at that time, whose names were Kamadhenu, Kapila, Devani, Nandani, Bhauma etc. How many times did some kings from Guru Vashishta to Vishwamitra fight for Kamadhenu Cow?

Cow Urine
Cow Urine

33 Crore Deities:

According to Hinduism, 33 crore deities reside in cows. Category does not mean crore, it is type. According to this, 33 types of deities reside in cows.

Reserves of Positive Energy :

Scientific research has shown that cows have as much positive energy as other animals. According to scientists, cows are the only creatures that absorb and release oxygen.

Hindu Holy Animal
Cow Urine

Cow’s Pulse :

The receptor in the cow’s spinal cord keeps the environment clean by blocking harmful radiation. It is beneficial for the environment. Also, the sunflower pulse produces gold here for exposure to the sun. This gold produced in the body of the cow is found in the milk, urine and dung of the cow.

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Panchagavya :

Panchagavya is considered beneficial in some diseases. It is made from cow’s milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung. Panchagya increases the body’s resistance to disease. Cow’s milk and ghee are like nectar. Yogurt keeps the digestive system healthy. It contains digestible proteins and beneficial bacteria. According to scientists, cow dung is rich in vitamin B-12.

Cow Urine
Cow Urine

Benefits of Cow Urine

– It is considered as the best medicine. Its consumption even eliminates some diseases. However, healthy cow’s urine should be consumed. Cow urine and milk of cows of local breeds which are left in open pastures are of more medicinal importance.

– It has such properties, which prevents diseases like cancer. According to medical science, the liver of a cow is divided into four parts. The last part of it contains a type of acid, which has the ability to remove the root of cancer. Consuming a certain amount of cow urine on an empty stomach every day destroys diseases like cancer.

Holy Cow


– It  contains potassium, sodium, nitrogen, phosphate, urea, uric acid. During lactation, the amount of lactose in the urine increases, which is considered beneficial for heart patients.

– Nitrogen, sulfur, ammonia, copper, iron, uric acid, urea, phosphate, sodium, carbolic acid, calcium, vitamins etc. are found in it

– Prevents DNA damage due to the ability of antioxidants in it. Medicines made from cow urine can cure cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, and even osteoporosis.


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