Skin Care : These everyday mistakes are ruining your skin

Skin Care

Skin Care : What do we not do to take care of our skin? Expensive face wash. Creams. Don’t know how much money they spend on skincare. And the heart breaks when even after doing so much, the skin is still the same. Oily skin remains oily. Dry skin Dry. Upside down and rashes come out from above. Wrinkles start appearing long before age. Now you will wonder where you left off.

Everything was done. So where is the mistake happening. The answer is, your habits. You don’t even know how many mistakes you are making every day that are ruining your skin. What are those mistakes? Let us know. Skin Care  .

These mistakes are ruining your skin

Skin Care -Notes Nepal
Skin Care Routine

– Overcleaning the skin: Either you are using the wrong product, or you have been using it for too long. Or are used for a very short time.

You should rub the skin like a floor. You are damaging the skin. If you rub the towel too long or too hard. Or use cotton thinking that cotton is better for your skin, so rub it a lot. Or use makeup wipes that contain oil based products and you rub the skin a lot .It damages your skin.

Treat the skin of the whole face in the same way. The skin on the neck is very thin. The skin around the mouth is a bit dry and sensitive. The skin around the eyes is very thin. It does not have oil glands. So, where there is skin, use skincare.

-People with oily skin are afraid to use moisturizer. But it is not. If our skin has a lot of oil then it is not necessary to have too much water.

-If you have 4-5 products to use, use them in the correct order. If used in the wrong order, the products used later will not be absorbed into your skin. First a very dilute product or serum. A little thick after that.And lastly, use the thickest product

-Do not bathe in hot water for long. This opens the pores of the skin and removes all the moisture. Due to this the skin becomes very sensitive. Then you use natio skin care products. It is not absorbed into the skin. Allergies and rashes occur . Skin Care  .

Often we rely heavily on home remedies.

Skin Care -Notes Nepal
Skin Care

Apply kitchen utensils well on the face. But this is not always right. Home remedies also contain active ingredients. If you apply the wrong ingredient, or apply it for too long, or mix two different ingredients that should not be mixed, it can have a lot of side effects on the skin.

-There is a relation between your food and your skin. So follow the right diet for good skin. Avoid bad diet. Bad diet i.e. junk food. High glycemic foods such as white bread, flour, white sugar, foods that contain preservatives, cold drinks, these things increase insulin and are very bad for your skin. Skin Care

How many of these mistakes were you making too? Now you know what to avoid. Now come to the second issue. Here are some tips you can follow. To keep your skin healthy. Know that .-Gentle cleansing lotion should be used for washing face. Face wash should be done at least twice a day. In the morning and before bed.

Cleansing lotion cleanses the skin better than soap and water. Using soap removes the natural oils of the skin and the skin becomes quite dry. Skin Care

Whether the skin is oily or dry. Be sure to moisturize. Moisturizer holds the skin barrier together. Does not allow cracks in it. So the skin stays more elastic

-Use light weight based moisturizer. Which is lotion based. Or hyaluronic acid gel based. It does not allow your skin to become too sticky. You can use heavy moisturizers at night containing olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. Even more moisturizers have to be applied in winter.-Sun damage causes the skin to deteriorate gradually. Wrinkles, scars appear. So be sure to apply sunscreen. Use sunscreen according to skin type. If it is oily then use gel based. Dry then cream-based Skin Care

-We have to wear a mask during corona. Wearing masks is causing a lot of skin problems. So use a mask that is clean. Change the mask daily. Do not apply makeup under the mask. Also apply sunscreen just on top

-Don’t take stress, stress causes the production of a hormone called cortisol. It releases more oil. Pimples come out. So do yoga. Meditate. Do whatever you like.

Try these tips. We will definitely tell you what happened.


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