Someshwor Gadi : The Mesmerizing Tourist Destination of Chitwan

Someshwor Gadi


It is said that King Mukunda Sen of Palpa built Someshwor Gadi to protect it from the British. Under this, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has also selected Someshwor Gadi in Madi of Chitwan district among the 100 new tourist destinations to be promoted.

Someshwor Gadi
Someshwor Gadi


Someshwor Gadi ,Someshwor Parbat in Madi Municipality of Chitwan District is the highest peak on the Nepal-India border. There is a border post number 45 of Nepal and India near Someshwar area. To the south of the Madi Valley is the Someshwor Chure Danda, which is connected to India, and to its east, west and north lies the National Park. Surrounded by fertile and beautiful terrain, the Chure Hills and the National Park are surrounded by dozens of small rivers and streams flowing from the south to the north.

The Nepali kala
Someshwor Gadi


Various types of weapons, utensils and stone figures have been found on the hill at Someshwar gadhi at different times. During the war between Nepal and the British, a fort was built to stop the British army and the Nepal Army was deployed. But later, due to water problem, the army has been shifted to Upardangadhi. When the Licchavi rulers came to Nepal, they used to pass through this fort and later trade with India through this port.

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Religious and cultural significance

Devotees come here to pay homage to Kalika Mata.

Someshwor Gadi
Someshwor Gadi

Natural beauty

Forests, lakes, monasteries, historical, religious sites, Tharu settlements and their culture, vegetable and fruit farming, fishing, silk farming etc. of Madi region have become centers of attraction for tourists. Madi is considered to be a beautiful place for tourists as it is surrounded by mountains, forests and valleys in the middle. From the Martyrs’ Memorial Tower in Kalyanpur of Madi, one can observe the entire geography of Madi and West Chitwan. Tourists can enjoy watching the lights burning in the settlements from the tower at night.

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Someshwor Gadi

Tourist significance

Tourists enjoy wandering in the forest within the Madi valley and seeing various birds and wild animals. The Madi region is equally important for pilgrims. In Madi area, there are Goddhakdham, Pandavanagar village, Valmiki Ashram, Someshwargadhi, Gardi and Tharu village of Bagauda, ​​Vaikunthe lake, Chamere cave, Simara village of Rewapari, fishery of Gopal Nagar, Laxminivas village etc. Due to which Madi is considered as a small museum. Meghauli and some surrounding areas can be seen from the pleasant hill within the forest area of ​​Ayodhyapuri. The fish pond spread over an area of ​​500 in Gopal Nagar of Kalyanpur village has also become a tourist destination nowadays.

Someshwor Gadi
Someshwor Gadi

Tourist potential

The Madi Valley of Chitwan is surrounded on three sides by the Chitwan National Park and on the south by the Someshwar Mountains. Surrounded by forests, Madi municipality is green and picturesque. Someshwor Gadhi, made beautiful by parks and wildlife, is now a tourist destination.

How to reach

Someshwor Gadi is reached after a journey of about 11 km from Basantapur Bazaar in Madi-3.


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