Jamara : The Growing Technique, Religious and Health Benefits


On the first day of Vijayadashami (Navratrai), barley is planted in a line made of cow dung. Similarly, it is customary to make altars by bringing sand from the river and plant Jamara in it. Similarly, some have mixed grains like paddy, wheat and maize with barley.


The importance of Jamara

In Dashain, it is customary for the devotees to apply long yellow Jamara of barley (maize, paddy and wheat) on the ears along with red akshata on the forehead. Tika on the forehead and sneezing on the ears is considered as a sign of Dashain. According to religious beliefs, barley is used especially as Jamara as it is popular with Durga Bhagwati.

Growing barley

How to grow

To use pure and non-organic seeds for barley germination. First soak the wheat seeds in water in a pot for eight to ten hours. Now put some soil in a pot. Put the same amount of seeds in the pot, which can be well covered with soil.

Now put water in a pot and keep it in a covered place. Seeds should be sown in this way in one pot for a week. After seven days, wheat begins to germinate in the first planted pot. Water the pot every day. It should not be in direct contact with the sun. Temperatures of 18 to 20 degrees are ideal for germinating wheat.

Dashain Tika

How useful?

Barley is called yav in Sanskrit. It is considered to be very nutritious in terms of food. It also has medicinal properties. In the Vedic scriptures, barley is considered as an object to cure diseases, useful in sacrifices, and to strengthen the strength and soul. In mythology, barley is considered the king of grain.

Jamara is also a good food. It is especially beneficial to grow wheat germ and drink its juice regularly. Because it contains nutrients, most of which are chlorophyll. Wheat germ is also a good source of protein, vitamins, fiber, calcium and carbohydrates.

Dashain Barley Growing

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Consumption of wheat germ juice has health benefits. In particular, wheat germ is useful for removing mouth and dental problems, controlling blood sugar levels, strengthening the digestive system, and keeping the liver healthy. In addition, wheat germ is also beneficial in some skin problems and hair problems.

According to the doctors, for problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, it is very beneficial to make a solution by grinding jamara for seven or nine days and take it regularly. Consumption of jamara juice also enhances beauty.

Jamara juice

Wheat germ can also be chewed and consumed. It can also be drunk by extracting juice from it. It is delicious to make wheat germ juice and drink it. How to make juice?

1. Cut eight to ten grains of wheat at the root and wash it thoroughly. Now squeeze the juice out of it.

2. Now place it on a clean cloth and squeeze. Its juice should be kept in a glass.

3. A little basil juice can be added to this juice. Honey and ginger can also be mixed.

4. Add a little water to this juice. Now the juice can be drunk.

Jamara Juice

How much to drink

-If you are suffering from any disease, drink thirty to fifty ml of juice daily, up to twice a day.

– In the beginning, drink a little bit of wheat germ juice and increase the chromosome amount.

-It should be consumed at least five days in a week.


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