Kaulepani : The Mesmerizing Tourist Attraction in Lamjung



The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Government of Nepal has selected Kaulepani in Lamjung district as one of the 100 new tourist destinations identified. Kaulepani has also been given the responsibility of attracting 2 million foreign tourists to Nepal by celebrating the year 2020 as the Nepal Tourism Year.



Kaulepani, a homestay village in Besisahar Municipality-6 of Lamjung district, which has been identified as one of the best homestay destinations in Nepal, has been dubbed as the first environmentally friendly homestay village in Nepal. The village has been declared environment-friendly as all the families in the village have followed 18 environment-friendly indicators under the campaign to make all the villages in the municipality environment-friendly.

The residents of Kaulepani, which has been declared as the best village in Nepal, have been declared eco-friendly as they have been using toilets with pans, managing rotting and non-rotting garbage separately, managing poultry and dog waste, using smokeless stoves and planting fruit trees.

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Homestay houses have clean and tidy bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, showers, mirrors, tables, soap and all other necessary items. They are also careful in eating and drinking. After reaching Kaulepani, you can eat local chicken, Gundruk pickle, Sisnu ko Khole, Koda bread, milk curd and local liquor along with organic grains. With a grand reception, dinner, lunch, cultural program including campfire, sleeping and breakfast, one thousand people per person can be associated with Kaulepani.


In this area, paddy is sown in July, Kodo in Saun, Newa: Community Jatra in Bhadau, Roteping in Asoj, Katus in Kartik, Paddy in Mansi, Kodo Kutne in Pus, Making forest yam in Magh, Gurans in Phagun, Kafal and Aiselu in Chait and Baishakh, and Jeth in June. Kaulepani can be sent to tourists in more than a dozen packages like Chutro Tipne.



The Lamjung Durbar, the temple of Goddess Kaulepani, the fort, the fort and the fort are near the Kaulepani Homestay. The historical 15th century Lamjung Durbar, Kaulepani Devi Temple, Kot, Fort, Gadhi and other historical sites are invaluable treasures here.

Religious and cultural significance

Gurung, Newar, Bhujel and other castes live in the Kaulepani area which has historical significance including Lamjung Durbar and Kaulepani Devi Temple. Along with Kaulepani’s homestay, tourists are welcomed with the art, culture and traditions of the locals. Gurung, Newar, Bhujel and other castes live in the historically important Kaulepani area. Along with Kaulepani’s homestay, Kaulepani is developing as a tourist destination due to the art, culture and traditions of the locals.

Beautiful Lamjung
Beautiful Lamjung


Tourists coming to the village are welcomed under the leadership of Shirkhola Mothers’ Group. When guests come to the village, they collectively join in the reception and show the culture like Kauda, ​​Chutka, Ghantu. Homestay has been arranged in 12 houses of the village which has 27 households including Gurung, Newar and Bhujel castes.

Tourist significance

Tourists visiting the village are fed Kafal in Chait and Aselu in Baisakh. Tourists are taken to the forest and are asked to pick caravans and aselu by themselves. Tourists are informed about Chutro, Hungaru and other herbs in the forest in May. Similarly, paddy transplanting package has been prepared for the coming Pahuna in June and millet transplanting in Saun.


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In Asar and Saun, guests are welcomed in the fields. The procession of the Newar community living in Kaulepani has become the center of attraction for the visitors. Gaijatra, Ropainjatra, Krishna Jatra etc. are provided to entertain the tourists in Bhadau. Roteping is played on the night of June in September and dance songs are arranged in the lake of Madal. As the weather is clear at that time, the mountains are also observed.



During the Katus picking season in Kattik, tourists are taken to the forest to look for Katus. As the paddy planted in Asar ripens in Mangsir, the right package is arranged for the guests coming in Mangsir. Tourists are taken to the threshing floor to play in the straw, chase away the cows, and feed them in the fields like a picnic. Similarly, a package of millet is arranged in Pus. A package of forest yams has been prepared in January. The guests are sent to the forest and the yams brought by them are cooked and fed. In Phagun, red gourds are blooming in the courtyard of the house. That is why Laligurans package is made.

More domestic tourists than foreign tourists visit Kaulepani. Tourists have been enjoying the 12-month package prepared by the locals. Homestay has been conducted in 13 houses here. A house can accommodate up to eight guests. Kaulepani was declared the best homestay village in the country on the occasion of the 35th World Tourism Day.

Natural beauty

From here, Buddha, Manaslu, Annapurna, Lamjung and other mountain ranges can be observed from the room. Lamjung Durbar, Kaulepani Temple, various forts of Lamjung are the attractions of Kaulepani. The world’s rarest thorny vulture can be seen in this area and Charibagh is also found here. From Kaulepani at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, 14 mountains including Buddha, Manaslu, Annapurna and Lamjung can be seen.

The number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Kaulepani had increased after the Village Tourism Promotion Forum (VTPF) declared it as the best homestay village in Nepal.

A scence of Ghalegaun as seen on Thursday, october 17, 2019. Photo: Ramji Rana/ THT


From Kaulepani, 14 mountain ranges including Buddha, Manaslu, Annapurna and Lamjung can be seen. From here, you can see the sunrise, the green forest, the huge Laliguran’s forest, the marshland flowing in a nagveli, 38 types of herbs, endangered wildlife. In addition, home-made kodo dhindo, roti, village-produced gundruk and local chicken meat have become another specialty of the homestay.

Tourism promotion

The influx of foreign tourists has been increasing since Kaulepani Homestay in the city was declared as the best homestay in Nepal. It is also included as one of the 10 must-see places.

Tourist potential

There are plenty of scenic spots and panoramic views that can attract tourists no matter what time of the year. Kaulepani is being developed as a tourist destination through homestay. A 12-month package has been arranged to attract tourists and make them stay longer. The Kaulepani Homestay in Lamjung has received 98,979 tourists in eight years. According to the Kaulepani Tourism Development Committee, the same number of foreign and domestic tourists have reached Kaulepani. The committee has stated that 98 percent domestic tourists and only 2 percent foreign tourists have visited Kaulepani Homestay which was started in 2011.


How to reach

This village is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, which can be reached by crossing about 7 kilometers of unpaved road from Besishahar, the district headquarters of Lamjung district.


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