Guru Purnima : Why Do We Celebrate It .Know Every Detail

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima : Another name for Asar Purnima is Gurupurnima. It is believed that Guru Vedavyas was born on this day in Hinduism and is celebrated on Guru Purnima in his honor. It was on this day that Gautama Buddha (563-483 BC) preached for the first time and it is customary to celebrate Dharmachakra Pravartan Day in his memory.

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Chokor Duchen is celebrated on the fourth day of the sixth month. Coincidentally, on this day, as in Hindu society, Buddhists celebrate Guru Purnima by singing the praises of the Guru, but the context is different. For the Buddhist community, Asar Purni is not only the day when the Dharmachakra was first introduced by the Buddha, but also the day of the Bodhisattva (the entity who will become the Buddha in the future).

Guru Purnima -Notes Nepal
Guru Purnima

There is a tradition in Kapilvastu that a big festival is organized on the full moon day of Asar and on the same day Mayadevi dreamed of entering the womb of a white elephant at night. Ten months later, a Bodhisattva was born in Lumbini, and he left home at the age of 29. This event is called ‘Mahabhinishkrama’ in Buddhist society.

It is considered normal to attain Riddhibal (supernatural power) during Buddhist practice. Even monks who have attained (salvation) have attained such ability. But the Buddha did not attach much importance to the Riddhi Pratiharya demonstrations and even the monks were forbidden to do so except in the most urgent places.

Since the general public is likely to forget such supernatural things and deviate from the path of religion, it can be understood that the display of supernatural power has been stopped. Another sect, the Tirthankars, mocked Gautama Buddha and his followers, preaching that the Buddha had no such power.

In order to inform the truth, the Buddha himself ate a mango, planted a tree in its cocoa soil, planted a tree and fed others by growing mangoes and suppressed the ego of the pilgrims. Mother Mayadevi died on the seventh day after the baby was born. After her death, Mayadevi is described as being born as a son of God in a world called Triyantish.

Guru Purnima -Notes Nepal
Guru Purnima

In the seventh year of attaining enlightenment, the event of Buddha reaching Triantish Devlok to stay in the rainforest and preaching to his mother is also considered as an important occasion. The ‘Abhidhammapitaka’ under the ‘Tripitaka’ is the sermon given by the Buddha in the Triyantish Devlok.

This ‘Abhidhammapitaka’ contains the deepest themes of philosophy.It is well known that two months after the great Nirvana of Gautama Buddha, the first Dharma Sangayan was performed in the Saptaparni cave of the palace under the leadership of monk Mahakashyap Mahasthavira.

The work of compiling the teachings of Gautama Buddha in different places and times and getting them approved by the living qualified monks was completed in this Sangayan. Buddhists meditate on every event related to the Buddha and meditate on the religion contained in it. Although there are more than one reference to the full moon day of Asar, the largest of them is considered to be the first Dharmachakra enforcement.

Knowing that Gautama Buddha had renounced domestic life and become a hermit according to the Shramana tradition, in his name, five Brahmins who renounced domestic life and adopted Shramana life were given B.C. On the full moon day of Asar 528, the Buddha preached for the first time at the present Rishipatan Mrigadavan of Sarnath .

Even in Buddhist society, the glory of the Guru is widely sung. While worshiping the Buddha, Buddhists remember his virtues and accept him as a Shasta (guide). Buddha is a position to be attained after realizing the religion and not the name of any individual.Since religion and association have the same importance, these three are considered as ‘Triratna’. Bajrayani Buddhism, including Bajradhar, addresses all as one Guru.

The famous Sanskrit ballad ‘Guru Buddha Guru Dharma Guru Sangh Tathaivach, Guru Vajradharashchaiva Tasmai Shri Gurubhye Namah’ reveals how the glory of the Guru is expressed from a Buddhist point of view.Buddhists have no objection to the word ‘Guruphurnima’ used in Hindu society, as the tradition of celebrating ‘Dharmachakra Pravartan Divas’ in Buddhist society is ultimately associated with the Guru.

Guru Purnima -Notes Nepal
Guru Purnima

On this day, some Buddhists, like in Hindu society, visit their guru’s house and worship the guru properly. In this way, while worshiping the Guru, Buddhist ballads are recited and performed according to the Buddhist method.In this way, while worshiping the Guru, Buddhist ballads are recited and performed according to the Buddhist method. But to mention only the Hindu context as Gurupurni or worship and to be indifferent to the Buddhist context is to omit some important things of human culture.


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