An Apple A Day : Keeps A Doctor Away, 11 Benefits of Apple

An Apple A Day

There is a saying, an apple a day, keeps a doctor away. That is, there is no disease. No need to go to the hospital. Do not take a doctor’s prescription. Apples are evergreen fruits. It is easily available. Not too expensive in comparison. Consumption of apples keeps the digestive system active. It also boosts the immune system. However, the importance of apples is not limited to this. It is multi-purpose for health.

An Apple A Day
An Apple A Day

1. Obesity control

Obese people suffer from heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and other problems. The fiber found in apples helps reduce obesity. When obesity is reduced, people are less likely to suffer from various dangerous diseases. Also, the nutrients found in it make the body strong and healthy.

2. Constipation relief

Constipation and gas increase the risk of many diseases in the body. If you suffer from constipation or gas problem, eating apples will be beneficial. The fiber found in apples gradually reduces constipation.

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An Apple A Day

3. Also benefits the teeth

The fiber in apples also keeps teeth healthy. Eating apples flushes out bacteria and viruses. Apples also increase the amount of saliva in the mouth. Consumption of apples keeps teeth free.

4. The bones are strong

Apples are rich in calcium. So eating apples every day or drinking its juice strengthens the bones. People who have strong bones feel less tired.

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An Apple A Day
An Apple A Day

5. Good for asthma patients

Consumption of Apple One apple juice is very beneficial for asthma patients. Various studies have shown that apples are effective in preventing asthma attacks. The flavonoids found in it increase the strength of the lungs.

6. Digestive system is strong

Apples control the level of pH present in the body. It strengthens the digestive system of a person. When the digestive system is strong, the ability to fight diseases increases and the person stays healthy.

7. Lowers cholesterol

Cholesterol-raising problems are becoming more common in changing lifestyles. Therefore, young people are also becoming victims of heart disease. Cholesterol levels can be controlled by eating apples or drinking apple juice. Doctors say that boiled apples are more useful for heart patients.

An Apple A Day
An Apple A Day

8. Enhances beauty

Consumption of apples removes black and white spots on the face. It makes your face glow. In addition, daily consumption of apples will gradually reduce the unnecessary fat present in your body.

9. Controls diabetes

Consumption of apples reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes in the body. The elements present in it make up for the lack of glucose in the body. You do not need to take insulin when you have plenty of glucose in your body.

10. Protects against Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a dangerous disease associated with the brain. Research has shown that drinking apple juice every day can prevent Alzheimer’s for life. Eating apples protects brain cells, reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s to zero.

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An Apple A Day

11. Protects from stones

Consumption of apples is beneficial to avoid kidney stones. Even if you have gallstones, eating apples every day can also relieve the pain caused by gallstones. Therefore, doctors also advise patients with stones to eat apples.


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