Dashain Vacation : These are The 7 Must Go Places in State 1

Dashain Vacation : State 1

Dashain Vacation, Since the holiday period of Dashain is longer than other festivals, many people visit Dashain. There are ample options for sightseeing in 7 districts of State 1. These are 14 destinations worth visiting in 7 districts of State 1 :

Dashain Vacation : State 1
Dashain Vacation : State 1

1. Taplejung: Timbung pond

Located at an altitude of 4480 meters, the Timbung pond is about 400 meters long and 200 meters wide. This pond is considered important both religiously and naturally. The pond, located in Yangwarak of Panchthar and Sidingba of Taplejung, is also the border of these two eastern hill districts.


Dashain Vacation
Dashain Vacation :Timbung Pokhari

It is close to Sikkim from the pond. Considered to be a good season to travel from Asar to Shravan, this pond can also be visited in Katrtik for adventurous travel. As there is no good accommodation for the travelers, they have to stay in a tent at Chauri Goth or Lake. Kenzo flowers found in this pond are considered to be very popular. Attractive ponds, dancing clouds above the ponds, lush wild flowers to be found on the journey and panoramic views are the originality of Timbung Pond.

2. Panchthar: Sadhutar

Sadhutar of Panchthar, which is described as the Phewa Lake of Province 1, is 16 kilometers away from Panchthar Sadarmuka Fidim.

Panchthar: Sadhutar
Panchthar: Sadhutar


In this artificial lake, there is a rare opportunity to see the clear reflection of Kanchenjunga and Kumbhakarna Himal. Located in the Pauwa Bhanjyang area along the Mechi Highway, the lake is being chosen by both locals and foreigners. Tourists argue that tourists from bordering Indian states like Sikkim and West Bengal can be attracted if good publicity and quality hotels are built.

3. Ilam: Maipokhari

Maipokhari, located 15 km north of Ilam Bazaar, is another important tourist spot of Ilam. Located at an altitude of 2130 meters above sea level, this pond is famous not only for its vegetation, birds, aquatic and terrestrial nature but also for its attractive natural texture.

 Ilam: Maipokhari
Dashain Vacation Ilam: Maipokhari


According to locals, tourists from Nepal and India come to visit the pond, which is spread over an area of ​​about 188 hectares. The nine-cornered pond is also associated with religious beliefs. The locals have been living in the nine corners of this pond with 2 hectares of wetland since time immemorial.

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4. Jhapa: Jamunkhadi Wetland

Jamunkhadi, spread over wards 1 and 2 of Pako Kankai Municipality, is a good destination. Tourists from Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Ilam and other districts come to Jamunkhadi, 2 km north of Surunga Bazaar and 1 km north of Mahendra Highway.

Spread over an area of ​​26.54 hectares, the wetland attracts people who love a quiet, secluded and beautiful environment. There are 20 people employed in Jamunkhadi, which has a rare wildlife reserve, suspension bridge, deer park, kindergarten and attractive boating ponds.

Dashain Vacation Jhapa: Jamunkhadi Wetland
Dashain Vacation Jhapa: Jamunkhadi Wetland


The wetland has been brought into operation by the Jamunawari Community Forest Users Group. Due to this wetland, the number of people making Jhapa a tourist and sightseeing destination has increased.

5. Morang: Betana Wetland

The Betana wetland area of ​​North Morang is becoming a tourist attraction. Visitors come for picnics, horseback riding, hiking, boating and jungle safaris on the 175-hectare Betana wetland, which is nestled on the East-West Highway.

Betana Morang
Dashain Vacation Betana Morang


Many people come to take selfies with the big ants in the wetland. Apart from walking and enjoying, people also come to shoot various movies, music videos, covers etc.

According to Tara Parajuli, Deputy Mayor of Belbari Municipality and famous poet, Betana Simsar, located in Ward No. 4 of Morang’s Belbari Municipality, is the main tourist spot in the area.

6. Sunsari: Rasa Tal

Rasa Lake in Baklauri of Sunsari is a good destination for travelers in and around Itahari. Even though it is rarely mentioned, it is very nice to have a picnic in this beautiful area.

Protected by the Imansingh Chemjong Smti Foundation, the area is called the National Respected Lake. And, the locals say that the short form of the same ‘nationally respected’ lake is called Ras Taal.


Dashain Vacation : Rasa Taal
Dashain Vacation : Rasa Taal

Spread over 44 bigahas of land. The water area in the lake area alone is 15 bigahas. Sunsari Community Forest Area Lake Baklauri falls in the area of ​​64 bigahas of eight. Those coming through Dharan can be reached from Tarhara and those coming through Itahari can reach within half an hour by traveling from Kanchi Chowk.

7. Dhankuta: Dhwaja Danda

Dhwajedanda Sangurigadhi village municipality ward no. Is located at 6. The height of this hill is 7000 feet from where the sunrise can be observed.

The view of Dandabazar as well as the serpentine shape of the river Tamor and the largest grove tree in Asia can be seen from this place. From here, the view of the plains of the Terai can also be observed. This place is considered to be very suitable for observing the sunrise well after Antudanda of Ilam.



Dashain Vacation : Dhankuta

From here, Kumbhakarna, Makalu, Kanchenjunga and Sagarmatha Himal as well as all the 16 districts of the eastern region can be seen. To reach here, you can reach Chuchuro in one hour by climbing the stairs from the market area of ​​Dandabazar.

Some hotels and homestays are also available for the convenience of the tourists visiting here. It can be reached in 3 hours on foot from Bhedetar with the facility of vehicle.


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