Satyawati Lake : Where People Asks For A Wish By Shouting, Not By Heart

Satyawati Lake -Notes Nepal

Satyawati Lake : According to Hinduism, it is not uncommon to go to a temple and ask for a ‘bridegroom’ from the heart, but in the Satyavati Lake and Maiko temples here, it is customary to ask for a bridegroom by shouting so that everyone can hear. It is an old custom to walk around Satyawati Lake  in Tinau Gaonpalika-4 of the district three times and shout in public and ask for a bridegroom with ‘Satyavati Bajjai’.

The three-day fair is start from November 10.In the Satyawati Lake area, the religious fair of shouting for the bride with deaf ears is starting from Sunday like every year. Although there is a temple of both Bajebajai in Satyavati Lake area, there is a religious belief that it can be fulfilled especially by shouting and asking for a bridegroom.

Satyawati Lake -Notes Nepal
Satyawati Lake

There is a belief that Satyavati’s grandmother does not listen. That is why people have been shouting and asking for blessings for generations. Those who go to ask for a bridegroom and visit Satyawati Lake Mai take bamboo and leaf lingo with them.Chairman of the Satyavati Lake Development Committee Til Bahadur Gaha said that it is customary to bury the same lingo near the lake.

Chairman Gaha said that the demand for Satyawati Lake will be met after the demand is met. According to Chairman Gaha, there is a claim to worship this time. It is said that Balachaturdashi falls in the month of Kattik. ‘In the past, it was customary to worship at night.Last year, for the convenience of the devotees, worship has started even during the day, ‘said Chairman Gaha.

Om Bahadur Gharti, chairman of the village municipality, believes that around three lakh tourists from home and abroad will come on the occasion of the three-day religious fair organized by the Satyawati Lake Temple Development Committee.Devotees will come from Gulmi, Rupandehi, Syangja, Kapilvastu, Nawalparasi, Chitwan, Kathmandu, Dang, Pokhara, Gorakhpur, Gonda, Lucknow and Nautanhawa of India to attend the fair.

Importance of Satyawati Lake 

Satyawati Lake  area is important from religious, historical and tourist point of view. Since the lake area at the top of the hill is always humid, tourists prefer to reach there for cool air. Rajesh Shrestha, spokesperson of the village municipality, said that the area is important in terms of forest, environment and biodiversity.

Rare in border areas

Satyawati Lake   area spread over an area of ​​four ropanis is found to be a rare lake in the border area. There are few lakes in the Chure and Seemasar areas and this is one of the important lakes. There is a temple of grandparents near the lake. There is also a well-organized goreto road around the lake for tourists.

How to worship ?

Satyawati Lake -Notes Nepal
Satyawati Lake -Notes Nepal

You have to turn the lake three times and ask for a bridegroom. According to local culture, the bridegroom shouts with confidence, believing that his request will be granted. Then it is customary to bury a bamboo lingo near the lake and worship it. Lal Bahadur Darlami, secretary of the temple, said that one can worship there and visit the grandmother’s temple and receive the vaccine.

A place of worship has been identified near the temple. There is also the custom of offering sacrifices. Goats, pathis, ducks and calves have been sacrificed. Secretary Darlami said that there is a tradition of raising pigeons.

How to reach the lake ?

Those coming from Butwal sub-metropolitan area of ​​Rupandehi have to walk east from Dhuvan’s Jhumsa water mill. Satyavati area can be reached after a journey of about 6 km uphill. You don’t have to walk uphill in Satyawati Lake  . Satyawati Lake  can be reached in about two hours from Jamsa.

It takes about two hours to reach Satyavati Lake via Tansen of Palpa. After traveling uphill for about two hours from the twenty-four miles of Palpa-Tansen road, you reach Satyawati Lake  . The committee has banned the operation of means of transport during the fair. It has been stated that the operation of the means of transport has been stopped due to the crowd on the road due to the devotees.

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