Mahatma Gandhi : Gandhi assassination And Godse’s Complaint

 Mahatma Gandhi :

Indians consider Mahatma Gandhi as God. Even Indians scattered outside India consider Gandhi as their father and Gandhi’s nickname is Bapu. He is highly respected and revered even by the citizens of other countries. However, there is no shortage of people in India who believe in Nathuram Godse, the assassin of the late Gandhi.

People have come to know Nathuram Godse in two ways. He was not only Gandhi’s assassin, but also a fierce critic of Gandhi. Many have accused him of being involved in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi because he was a Hindu. Godse was hated by many until the 1980’s. However, the number of people showing respect to him is not small.

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Mahatma Gandhi

Some Indians even understand him as a nationalist. At present, many forces including Congress, Maoists, liberals and neo-liberals have to respect Godse even for voting. Godse’s influence remains in India. However, Godse’s name is still written in black letters in the pages of history.

Why did Godse kill Mahatma Gandhi?

After being arrested on charges of assassinating Mahatma Gandhi, Godse met Gandhi’s son Devdas Mahatma Gandhi in jail. The incident is mentioned in a book written by Godse’s brother and another accused Gopal Godse about Gandhi’s assassination. Nathuram did not know Gandhi’s son before that. Gopal Godse was only sentenced to imprisonment, he was not hanged. Nathuram had identified Devdas at the police station on Parliament Road.

According to Gopal Godse in the book, Devdas came to the jail with the desire to see a criminal. However, he was shocked to hear that a common man like Nathuram had killed him. Devdas, who was shocked by Nathuram’s self-confidence, went ahead with the investigation after his guess was wrong. At that time, Nathuram had said to Devdas, I am Nathuram Godse, the editor of the Hindi newspaper Hindu Rashtra.

I was there when your father was killed. You must be very sad today. You are sad because of me. I’m sorry about that. But, remember, I didn’t do it for my own benefit. I didn’t do it out of jealousy or anger. I did not assassinate Gandhi with bad intentions. Then his answer to the question posed by Gandhi’s son Devdas was that the cause of the murder was only political.

Police did not give Nathuram the extra time he asked Devdas to ask his question. Nathuram had taken the statement to the court but could not read it. Gopal Godse has written in a paragraph of his book mentioning what Nathuram said, if the government does not allow me to put my statement in court, you should include it in the book. Including Nathuram’s statement, Gopal has discussed the assassination of Gandhi in the book. Godse has included Nathuram’s last statement in court in his book.

Differences of ideology
Many people have not been able to accept Nathuram himself as some of his subjects are in dispute. He accused Gandhi of being a dictator. Gopal’s book also mentions that Mahatma Gandhi went on a hunger strike to get his decision passed in the Congress. Many analysts disagree with Godse on why the dictator should go on a hunger strike. Nathuram had questioned Gandhi’s last hunger strike after India refused to provide money to Pakistan.

However, Gandhi went on a hunger strike only after the Indian government failed to deliver on its promise. Therefore, analysts claim that Godse is narrow on this issue as well. Some analysts are not ready to accept that Nathuram killed Mahatma Gandhi for political reasons only, as he said in court. There is no room to agree with what he said to Gandhi’s son Devdas.

He was against Gandhi’s secular ideology. He was pressured by the Swayamsevak Sangh not to go in the opposite direction of Hinduism. Analysts say there is no room for questioning about Mahatma Gandhi. Most people are of the opinion that a person who is considered a politician by the world should not be portrayed in such a way.

As George Orwell wrote about Mahatma Gandhi in 1949, a lack of aesthetics can lead to a negative perception of Mahatma Gandhi. Not everyone is ready to accept him as a Mahatma (although he himself never declared himself a Mahatma), some may say that Mahatma Gandhi followed the ideals of a saint and some may say that Gandhi’s essence is anti-human and reactionary. But if you look at him as a patriotic leader, there is no room for error.

The same truth has been established about Gandhi till 2015. Godse’s grievances against him are slowly fading into history.

Godse’s last statement

Mahatma Gandhi -Notes Nepal
Mahatma Gandhi -Godse

First of all, Mahatma Gandhi had a lot of respect for Godse. He said, “I have seriously read what was said and written by Veer Savarkar and Gandhiji.” In the last three years, I have listened carefully to what these two people have to say. Secondly, when I read what he said, I realized that my first responsibility is for Hindutva and Hindus.

As a patriot and a world citizen, the freedom and defense of 300 million Hindus is the defense of the whole of India. This brought me closer to the ideology and program of the Hindu organization. Then I thought about Gandhi and moved towards ending Gandhi’s existence.
Gandhi was instrumental in giving rights to the Indian community in South Africa. However, on his return to India, he could not distinguish between right and wrong.

He began to consider himself the ultimate judge for the solution of the problem. If the country needed his leadership, he would consider himself undefeated. When the country did not consider him necessary, he proceeded in a different way from the line of the Congress. Due to this thinking, Nathuram was ready to assassinate Gandhi. He himself said, there can be no other alternative. Either the Congress has to give way to Mahatma Gandhi .

Either Gandhi’s whims, thinking and philosophy will have to be adopted. Or we will have to move forward without Gandhi. The third allegation against Gandhi is that he tried to divide India by building Pakistan. It was Gandhi’s design to separate Pakistan. Godse alleges that the then government made the decision thinking only in favor of Muslims. He was not happy with the role played by Gandhi for such a decision. Mahatma Gandhi

He argues that it is not right to divide India, which he worships. He was very disappointed after the incident and revenge was born towards Gandhi.


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