Tourism In State 1 : The 7 Must Go Destinations in State 1

Dashain Vacation : State 1

Tourism In State 1, These are the 7 best places in 7 districts of State 1 :

1. Tehrathum: Hyatrung waterfall

Located on the border of Samdhu and Isibu areas in Phedap village of Tehrathum, this waterfall is known as the tallest waterfall in Asia. This waterfall is the popular destination of Tehrathum all over the country.

Tourism In State 1  Hytrung Jharna
Tourism In State 1 Hytrung Jharna


Apart from the normal foot track to reach this 365 meter high waterfall, no other infrastructure has been built. But, this waterfall is a beautiful destination for trekking. Facilities like picnic and canyoning have not been built in the waterfall yet. At an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, the waterfall falls 8 kilometers from the Mid-Hills Highway and near the Panchthar district border.

2. Sankhuwasabha: Sabhapokhari

In both natural and religious angles, the important sabhapokhari is composed of sabha and pokhari.

It is believed that Vedavyasa established a religious assembly with 88,000 sages in ancient times. Located at an altitude of 4240 m above sea level, the pond is located at the foot of Lumba Sumba Himal.


Sankhuwasabha: Sabhapokhari
Sankhuwasabha: Sabhapokhari, Tourism in State 1

Despite the high publicity of this destination, which can be reached on foot for three days through Sankhuwasabha’s cave pond, many pilgrims and trekking connoisseurs are not able to reach here as there is no easy road near Pakhari.

3. Bhojpur: Tamke Danda

Bhojpur’s Tramke Danda connects Bhojpur and Khotang districts. It is said that Darjeeling and Kathmandu can be seen from here on a clear day.

Tyamke Dada,Tourism in State 1
Tyamke Dada,Tourism in State 1


It is located at an altitude of 3620 meters above sea level. It can be reached in a three-hour two-wheeler journey from Bhojpur headquarters. The hill is an integral part of the recently developed Mundhum Taekwondo Route.

4. Solukhumbu: Pattale Danda

Not only Mount Everest National Park, Gokyo Lake Mount Everest and other mountains, Solukhumbu also has other beautiful destinations. One of the alternatives is the leaf hill.

Patale Dada , Solukhumbu
Patale Dada , Solukhumbu ,Tourism in State 1

Pattale Danda is a destination of Solukhumbu that can be easily reached by both road and air travel. Pattale Danda is a beautiful and easy hill station to see the high mountain peaks like Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Sagarmatha, Numbur, Karyalung, Pumori, Lhotse, Thamserpu.

Located on the border of Khaldhunga and Solukhumbu, this hill is at an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level. This hill can be reached by road from Kathmandu via Harkpur, Okhaldhunga and can be reached by an hour’s road journey from Phaplu Airport.

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5. Okhaldhunga: Pokli waterfall

The Pokli waterfall in Likhu village municipality of Okhaldhunga is 130 meters high. It takes 12 hours to reach this waterfall on foot from Okhaldhunga Bazaar.

Tourism in State 1Okhaldhunga: Pokli waterfall
Tourism in State 1Okhaldhunga: Pokli waterfall


The Pokli waterfall at the head of Likhu, the smallest tributary of Saptakoshi, can be easily reached through Manthali and Sirsire via VP Highway. It is also close to the capital Kathmandu and can be a destination for Saptari, Siraha and Sarlahi in the Terai region of Province 2. However, it is losing hundreds of tourists daily due to poor access and easy publicity.

6. Khotang: Ruwalung waterfall

Ruwalung waterfall of Khotang, which is Halesi Mahadev, is becoming a new destination. As this waterfall is close to the Mid-Hills Highway, the crowd of visitors has started to increase.

This waterfall is only one kilometer away from Dudhkund on the highway. This waterfall is located at Nerpa of Diktel Rupakot Mazhuwagadi Municipality-6 of Khotang.


Tourism in State 1 Ruwalung Khotang
Tourism in State 1 Ruwalung Khotang

Apart from this waterfall, Dhiplung waterfall of Khotang is also another good natural destination. Located in Diprung village municipality, this waterfall is an attractive destination for sightseeing.

7. Udayapur: Rautamai pond

Despite being in an accessible district of State 1 like Udaipur, the Rautamai pond is visited by very few tourists due to lack of tourism promotion and infrastructure.

The peculiarity of this lake is that the fallen leaves are caught by the birds and thrown away by themselves. Located at an altitude of 1799 meters above sea level, this pond has to cross a road distance of 40 km from Gaighat Bazaar.

There are not enough hotels and homestays in this pond area in the northwestern part of Gaighat. So you can spend the night in a tent.


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