Haribansha Acharya : Greatest Comedian In Nepali Entertainment Industry

Haribansha Acharya

Haribansha Acharya (born 2014 BS) is a Nepali actor and singer. He is one of the most successful Nepali comedians. He is also skilled in acting and singing. They are a couple named “Honey Jodi”. His partner is Madan Krishna Shrestha.

Haribansha Acharya
Haribansha Acharya


Haribansha Acharya was born in a Brahmin family. He was born  on 27th Kartik, 2014 (October 9, 1958) in Garidhara, Kathmandu. His father’s name is Homanjay Acharya and mother’s name is Ganesh Kumari.

Her father married a 13-year-old girl when she was 53 years old. He was born when his father was 73 years old. As his father was a Pandit, they wanted to make him a Pandit by teaching Sanskrit. It was believed that the Pandit was a scholar. Her father died when she was 6 years old. According to his father’s wishes, his mother enrolled him in the Ved Vedanga School in Thamel. After attending Thamel for 4 years, he started studying at Durbar High School. I studied Sanskrit there too.

His friends went to English school. He also wanted to study English. I had to wear a hat. He did not like to wear a hat and cut his Bengali hair. I always had to wear a hat. Not everything was according to his will. It was believed that one should not eat lamb, garlic and onion at home.


Haribansha Acharya

Chandi had to read the whole book before eating rice in the morning. The book was thick. That was difficult for the little boy. Ugle tore the middle sheet one by one. The book became very thin. Later my mother found out. Punished.

His mother died when he was 11 years old. Among his sisters were Bindu Adhikari, Janudevi Aryal, Saptarupa Sharma, Geeta Dhakal and Gayatri Bhurtel. She and Bindu Didi were only a year and a half apart. Didi Janudevi also became his assistant. Kamala Laxmi Dhakal did a lot for Sahili Sani. Took care

After the death of my mother, she became more independent. It seemed that the desire to study English would be fulfilled. He started studying in class 5 at Padmodaya School. He went and enrolled himself. The ‘fee’ for the whole year could be kept as it was left in the shop. He studied on credit. Passed He left school. Went to Shanti Vidyagriha. The teachers asked what they could read in class 6. Even there, the ‘fee’ was not borrowed. Passed in class 6. I studied in Padmodaya from class 7. In the year 2032, he got SLC from Padmodaya. Passed in Third Division in 2035.

Haribansha Acharya
Haribansha Acharya

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After his mother passed away, he was getting a little embarrassed. Sagol’s house was in Garidhara. Sold out He was 17/18 years old at that time. Someone took Rs. 59,000 to give me land / house. He didn’t give anything. There was an issue. He and Bindu Didi went to live in the house of the same Naxalites. Eleven years have passed. Ug finally found out that he was jealous of the boy who was not with his parents. The ancestral bag of the Harivansh is the conch of Kavrepalanchok. There was their land. Even now. Even though they were homeless, they brought rice and wheat and ate it.


Maha Jodi
Haribansha Acharya

After he gave the SLC, Padmodaya’s friend Sushil’s father Laxmi Prasad Adhikari gave me a job. He became an accountant in Ratnarajya School. He started getting a monthly salary of Rs 135. This is about 2032. Bindu Didi used to teach at Tangal School. His salary was 175 rupees. He used to give 100 rupees to his sister for house expenses. He used to spend 35 rupees himself. Worked in Ratnarajya for one year. After working in Ratna Rajya in the afternoon, he would reach Bhairav ​​Bahadur Thapa’s Bhairav ​​dance troupe in the evening.

She also wanted to dance. The team consisted of Jainendra Lama, Khel Bahadur Lama and Krishna Bahadur Lama. They took him to dance. I was very thin. She was given the job of blowing lava in jhankri dance and padmasambhav dance as it was not suitable for dancing. There was no money. It was a great thing to be able to work in a team.

When he lived in  Naxal, the playwright Jitendra Mahat ‘Abhilashi’ always walked in the Naxal. He met him and asked her to act in the play. He took him to the dance hall. There Haribansha Acharya started playing theaters . There he was paid a salary of 175 rupees. After going to the dance hall, Bhairav ​​left the party. The queen and members of the royal family used to come to the dance hall to watch the play. In the dance hall, I acted in the play ‘Amar Singh’. King’s secretary Narayan Prasad Shrestha said to Indra Prasad Kafle, the chief manager of the dance hall, ‘Is this a boy’s? He is acting very well, ‘he said. Chief Manager Kafle added Rs 100 to his salary. Then he became a comedian in the play ‘We also have a story’. Her acting made Rani Aishwarya laugh a lot. Seeing this, Chief Manager Kafle added another hundred to my salary. Salary reached 375.

Haribansha Acharya
Haribansha Acharya


He married Mira Acharya in Bikram Samvat 2040 BS. Speaking of his family, his two sons are Trilok Acharya and Mohit Acharya. Harivansh’s wife. Mira Acharya died of a heart attack on April 20, 2011. She had been suffering from heart disease for a long time.  He got married to Ramila Pathak for the second time in 2069 BS.


The birth of a Maha Jodi
He attended the Gaijatra Festival in B.Sc. Participated in 2034, due to which his fame increased. Instead of performing with Madan Krishna Shrestha and being a part of ‘Mahjodi’, he struggled in the field of league entertainment alone for 6 years.

Haribansha Acharya has also acted in movies.





Je Vho Ramrai Vho

Te Sahrai Bigris Ni Badri


are some of his popular films which were very popular in the Nepali film industry.


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