55-Story Palace In Dang Nepal

55-story palace

55-Story Palace  Dang. In Bhaktapur, there is another ‘palace’ reminiscent of the 55-story palace built during the reign of King Jitamitra Malla. Located in Gadhwa village municipality ward no. 3. The building was constructed 150 years ago with the help of carpenters from India. According to the local senior citizens, they came to Kaligarh from Gorakhpur, India and also from Balarampur near Tulsipur.

Although wood, brick and plaster materials were used locally, Kaligarh was imported from India as it was built in a modern way .Construction of the building began in 1918. It is said that the building took nine years to complete. Jokhan Prasad, the father of politician Parshunarayan Chaudhary, had built the building. 55-Story Palace

The building in Deukhuri is environmentally friendly. The middle part of the building is left open. The other parts are decorated with very attractive woodwork. The shape of the building is like a palace where kings and emperors live. The structure also has a hint of a virgin house. Woodwork is seen in it as it was in Hanumandhoka Durbar. 55-Story Palace

Weeds have started growing in the rooms of the building. Dhamira has started eating wood. The woodwork used in the building has not deteriorated yet. It has not been protected. No initiative has been taken to identify the historical heritage of Deukhuri. Manoj Chaudhary, a member of the family, said that the government did not accept it even though the family members wanted to establish it as a historical heritage along with archeological sites. 55-Story Palace

55-story palace -Notes Nepal
55-story palace

The magnificent building, spread over an area of ​​about one bigha, has been overshadowed due to lack of protection. Local Asharam Chaudhary said that the ward and village municipality have not made any effort to make it a museum if the locals show interest in protecting it.

‘The Government of Nepal, Department of Archeology has been providing protection to the 100-year-old historical heritage. The Department of Archeology has done nothing but inspect it once . At that time, the then Rana had filed a public case against Jokhan Prasad for constructing the building, saying that a lion figure was made on the windows and squares of the building.

Kailash Chandra Chaudhary, grandson of builder Jokhan Prasad, said that some family members were not allowed to invest in the protection of the building even after the budget given by the state. Now the family members are preserving this historical heritage. The building is currently awaiting protection. Constituent Assembly member Yogendra Chaudhary lamented that the building was being demolished during the conflict instead of being protected. 55-Story Palace

55-story palace -Notes Nepal
55-story palace

Along with the 55-storey building in Deukhuri, Jokhan’s son Parshunarayan Chaudhary had also built another good structure in his settlement. This was a challenge to the state structure. He had built a palace-like structure in Dang. State Assembly member Indrajit Tharu, on the other hand, said that the family members did not allow him to invest in the building due to fear of government property. He said that the state government had tried to invest in the construction of the Tharu Museum but there was a problem due to lack of family consensus.


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