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Nuwakotgadhi : A supplementary environmental impact assessment has been approved for the operation of cable car from Butwal to Nuwakotgadhi in Palpa. The Ministry of Forests has approved the supplementary environmental impact assessment as the forest area has been affected and the capacity of the project needs to be increased.

To the north is the White Mountain Range, to the south is the scenic view of Butwal Bazaar.In 1814, the then Palpali king Manimukunda Sen fought a battle with the British army at Jitgadhi in Butwal and Nuwakot to win the then Palpa kingdom.In the war with the British, the Nepali army led by Colonel Ujir Singh Thapa had won from Jitgadhi and Nuwakot Gadhi and raised the head of Nepalis in the eyes of the world. Nuwakotgadhi

Although it has been claimed that there is a tunnel route from Nuwakot to Jitgadhi fort, which is considered important from historical as well as cultural and tourist point of view, it has not been confirmed yet. To reach Nuwakot with clean air and pleasant environment, one has to travel about 1 hour from Butwal Belbas to North Kutchi Road. Nuwakotgadhi

Nuwakotgadhi-Notes Nepal

Siddhartha Cable Car Private Limited has started the process of operating the cable car from Mani Mukundasen Udyan Phulbari of historical and archeological significance from Deurali on the northeast to Nuwakotgadhi in Palpa. After the supplementary environmental impact assessment, 1,200 trees on the way to the cable car will be cut down, said Siddhartha Cable Car Chairman Rajendra Singh Gurung.

Earlier, 38 trees of Batam station were cut down in the first phase with the approval of the Ministry of Forests. The process forward to operate within two years. Now that the supplementary environmental impact assessment has been approved, the work will move forward,He said that 99 local entrepreneurs have invested Rs. 800 million in the first phase. 6.09 million hectares of land was proposed for the cable car.

A 500-meter road from Phulbari to the lower station Deuralidanda and 2.88 hectares of land was proposed for parking. The tree felling will be completed within the next five months .The length of the cable car will be two km from Phulbari to Deurali on the northeast side to Nuwakotgadhi in Palpa. Siddhartha Cable Car Company has also completed DPR for Butwal-Nuwakot cable car.

The cabinet meeting on cable car operation had decided to give permission. After that, an agreement was signed between the Forest and Land Conservation Department and Siddhartha Cable Car Company. The cable car will have 22 gondola (coaches) that can accommodate up to eight people at a time. Nuwakotgadhi

The rates and quality of various companies are being studied for the selection of cable cars that can carry 500 people in an hour.After the operation of the cable car, internal and external tourists coming to Lumbini can easily reach Nuwakot, said Madhav Nepal, the operator of the cable car.

“The weather in Nuwakot is favorable whether it is in the hot summer season of Butwal or in the extreme winter season.”

Nepal, which is also the chairman of the Nuwakot Development Committee, said that the tourist attraction in Nuwakot has increased due to this important weather. This is also the reason why businessmen are eager to invest.

Entrepreneurs in the region have invested in Nuwakot, 11 km north of Butwal, to see the potential of tourism as the number of domestic tourists visiting Nuwakot has increased. The government of Province No. 5 is constructing a cultural double for the promotion of tourism in Nuwakotgadhi

Work will start this year after completing the DPR.Operator of Siddhartha Cable Car, says that this place will become a center of attraction for tourists after the operation of the cable car as it is an important historical fort where the Nepal Army won the Nepal-British war.

Nuwakot is famous for the auxiliary fort of the historic Jitgadhi fort where Nepali heroes defeated the British in the Nepal-British war and the ashram of Rishi Kaldeval, the guru of Gautam Buddha’s father Shuddhodhan. You can also reach here on foot for three kilometers from Phulbari of Butwal. A trekking route has been constructed near Manimukunda Sen Park with the help of Nepal Army.

Dobhan VDC ward no. Of Palpa district. Rupandehi district is separated from the hill of Nuwakot in the south and Palpa district in the north.
Along with the beautiful and peaceful environment, the Chure region to the north, the mountain range and the view of the entire Butwal Bazaar to the south are the major attractions of Nuwakotgadhi . Despite being so important in terms of history, culture and tourism, the area has been overshadowed due to lack of publicity.
Nuwakotgadhi-Notes Nepal
But in the last few years, an initiative has been taken to protect it through the Nuwakot Development Committee under the leadership of hoteliers of Butwal Nuwakotgadhi .With the formation of the committee, an initiative is being taken to develop Nuwakot as a tourist destination by preparing a master plan .
The resort and cable car will be operated by the private sector but other master plan works will be coordinated with the government. Students from different regions have been going to Butwal along with the youth to avoid the scorching heat and to get information and observation of historical and tourist sites.
The temperature here is about 8 degrees Celsius lower than the nearby Butwal. The view from the view point built on the Nuwakot hill attracts anyone who arrives there. Along with the ruins of Gadhi fort, Bhairav ​​Kamana temple, Shiva linga established by King Rudra Sen, Topahan area, historical Rani Kuwa, Kharkhajana house and high trident are the attractions of Nuwakot.
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