Swargadwari : The Place Where Pandavas Entered Heaven From


Swargadwari is one of the ancient temples not only of Pyuthan but also of Nepal. TheĀ  Ashram in the western part of Pyuthan is about 2,100 meters above sea level. Pyuthan’s main market is only 23 kilometers away from Bagdula. It is believed that 108 Mahapramu Baltapasvi Shri Narayan Gautam, born in 1916 BS in Rumti village of Rolpa district, came to Swargadwari in 1951 BS.

In mythological times, it is believed that it is the gateway through which the Pandavas go to heaven. There is a belief in Swargadwari that there is a historical fire pit, a cave, Mahadev’s way to heaven, cows raised here, and seeing Mahaprabhu will bring goodness and fulfill one’s aspirations and cure leprosy.



Before Prabhu became a Brahmin in 1997, there were about 1,000 cows in the ashram. At present, there are more than 400 cows. There is a cave at the top of Swargadwari. It is said that the Lord used to return from the cave through the gate of Lungri Madi at a distance of 2,300 meters below for bathing.

Currently, the gate of the cave is called the gate of heaven (the way to heaven) and Guptisagar. The Lord is considered to be the incarnation of Shiva. Only Shivaji is worshiped in Pashupatinath’s temple, while Swargadwari is the only temple in the world that is run according to the rites of the Hindus.



From here , you can see three mountains above eight thousand meters and dozens of other mountain ranges. The mountains seen from here include Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu. Especially it is a suitable place to take a closer look at Dhaulagiri.


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When you reach Swargadwari, you can feel that you have reached heaven by looking at the snow peaks and the beautiful scenery. The main fairs at the ashram are held on Baisakh Purni, Jeshtha, Bhadau, Kattik and Maghe Sakranti and special fairs are held on Ubholi festival.

Especially in Swargadwari, many pilgrims from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar come to India. In addition, Nepal’s internal pilgrims come in hundreds only daily. Meals are provided to the pilgrims coming to Swargadwari inside the ashram. The Swargadwari Temple Ashram has 2,600 ropanis in Pyuthan and 1,050 bighas in Dang.



From which free food and accommodation is provided to the devotees who come to visit Swargadwari and all those who work there. It is strictly forbidden to sell meat, liquor and liquor to traders and eat it around four kilometers of Swargadwari Ashram. Due to the lack of proper publicity in urban areas in Nepal on how to reach the temple, the number of domestic religious tourists has not been as high as it should be. From Kathmandu, one can go to Swargadwari temple via Butwal Bhingri.

There are daily buses to Swargadwari from Pyuthan’s main market Bagdula. Swargadwari temple can be reached through Nepalgunj Dang. It is also possible to reach Dang directly by air from Kathmandu and pass through Dang.


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