Cosmic Energy : Effect of Cosmic Energy and Architecture on Human Life

Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy, How scientific is the architecture that started from ancient times? How do you study direction and angles in architecture, which has been deeply rooted in atheistic society lately? When building a house, people usually put windows on the east and west sides of the house. Why is it considered necessary to make windows or doors on the east side rather than on the west side? There is a science hidden in it.

Cosmic Energy
Cosmic Energy

It is a well-known fact that human life lasts as long as the sun’s rays reach the earth. Eastern scriptures have a universal belief that when oxygen leaves the body, it dissolves directly into the sun. Then the human body becomes lifeless. Since the last hope of the body is based on the sun, the windows and doors of the house are determined by looking at the rays of the sun.

A window or door is placed on the east side to prevent the sun’s rays from entering the house that morning. The essence of Vaastu Shastra is that no harm can be done to a person only if his every action becomes natural. According to Vastu Shastra, when the house is very open in the east-north area, it is believed that it is easy for air to enter the building without air velocity.

In terms of magnetic attraction on the earth, everything flows from north to south, which we can see in terms of the direction of water flow. Therefore, it is believed that the wind also blows from north to south. Architecture, on the other hand, believes that air circulation is possible through small windows to the south and west. There is a belief that the amount of oxygen in the house is always balanced when there are windows on the south and west sides.

Cosmic Energy


Vaastu considers it appropriate to place very heavy items in the south-western part. That is, heavy machinery goods or stores are made in this direction. The main reason for this is when the earth revolves around the sun in a southerly direction. Therefore, there is a classical belief that putting more weight in this area will bring balance.

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Building a kitchen at a fiery angle is considered to be architecturally important. In the morning sun rays can be found in abundance of vitamins. That sun’s rays are carried from house to house by the wind coming from the south. Because the earth revolves around the sun in a southerly direction. Therefore, there is a classical opinion that a lot of vitamins in the sun’s rays can be obtained at a fiery angle.

Apart from this, places of worship or places of worship are built in the northeastern part of the country. Because people tend to be naked during morning worship. In the morning, the sun shines on the naked body and the worship room is placed at this angle so that the body can absorb the vitamin.

In addition, water sources are kept in the northeast. According to electromagnetic theory, water is purified when it receives heat from the sun.


Cosmic Energy
Cosmic Energy

Just as a magnet travels from the North Pole to the South Pole, so the magnetic field in the human body is believed to travel from the head to the feet.

There is an architectural view that if you discuss business with someone, it is better to talk facing north. As mentioned above, fresh air flows from north to south. Pure oxygen can be easily obtained by talking to the north. Since brain cells are activated immediately, his brain cells can gain the power to remember immediately. Therefore, it is appropriate to sit facing north during business talks.

Relationship with the five elements of architecture

Vastu Shastra is designed keeping in mind the laws of magnetic flux, directions, effect of air, gravity etc. on the earth. It varies from place to place. It is believed that a house built on the basis of that scripture is free from all these possible sources of problems.


Cosmic Energy
Cosmic Energy

Vastu is literally the name of the proportional combination of these five elements, earth, water, sky, air and fire. Bioelectromagnetic energy is generated from the right combination of these. From which the best health of man attains wealth and prosperity.

The human body is made up of Panchatatva and eventually merges into Panchatatva. The equation of the body is created and destroyed in the same five elements. That process is as follows.

Sky + fire + air + water earth = construction process

Body or body + air + water + fire + earth + sky = destruction process


Power of Nature
Cosmic Energy

There is a classical belief that there is sky in the brain, fire in the shoulders, air in the navel, earth in the knees and water in the feet. Along with that embodiment, the soul and the divine also reside in the human body. Both the soul and the divine are formless.

Natural energy from the sun has made it possible for birds to live on the earth. Vitamin D is found in large quantities in the morning rays of the sun. The effect of which is that the blood circulates in the body easily.

Similarly, since the sun’s rays in the afternoon have a lot of radioactivity, the subsequent sun’s rays have a bad effect. So when building a house, it is done in such a way that the sun shines in the morning and does not fall in the evening.


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