Hiking Nepal : If You Are Thinking Of Going Hiking, These Can Be A Suitable Destination

Hiking Nepal

Hiking Nepal 

This journey of enjoying nature is also called ‘day tour’. The attraction of city dwellers as well as foreign tourists is increasing in this journey which can be done by leaving home in the morning and returning to the shelter after having fun all day long. There are also many hiking routes around the Kathmandu Valley. Hiking  Nepal is becoming very effective in ‘refreshing’ both body and mind amidst busy lifestyle and stress.

Hiking  Nepal is also considered very good from the point of view of public health. Hiking one day a week keeps the body healthy and fit. The hiking trail is considered special for nature lovers as well as lovers. While hiking, one can get a closer look at new places, flora and fauna and lifestyle.

Hiking Nepal-Notes Nepal
Hiking Nepal

There are many hiking trails that can be explored in the Kathmandu Valley, observing forests, mountain ranges and cultural heritage.

Hiking trails
One of the main hiking Nepal  trails in Kathmandu is the trip to Shivpuri forest. It takes about 7 hours to walk. This route includes Budhanilkantha Temple and Nagi Gumba. With more than 500 species of plants and the Langtang Himal Range, this trekking route is considered to be very good.

The Nagarjuna-Shivpuri hiking route is also famous for bird watching, meditation and yoga. The Champadadevi Hiking Trail is also very beautiful. Champadevi Danda in the southwest of the valley is also the border of Kathmandu and Makwanpur districts. Starting the hike from Toudah of Chobhar, the old Newar settlement near Dakshinkali temple is visited by Pharping and returning from the same trail.

Hiking Nepal-Notes Nepal
Hiking Nepal

From Champadevi, one can see the mountain ranges of Gaurishankar, Langtang and Annapurna. There is also a route to Champadevi from Machhegaun in Kirtipur. Hiking Nepal trails have been operated in Chandragiri, Phulchowki, Nagarkot, Sankhu-Changunarayan, Namobuddha of Kavre, Lankuribhanjyang, Sundarijal, Tarkeshwar and other areas.

There are three trails to reach Shivpuri Danda inside Shivpuri-Nagarjuna National Park in the north of Kathmandu. Traveling uphill in the dense forest, when you reach Shivpuri hill, you can see the view of the mountain range.

Lately, the trend of young people in urban areas going for walks in areas far from the city has increased. The culture of hiking during vacations or leisure time has developed. Fed up with the city’s smoke, dust, and traffic jams, many young people go hiking to refresh their bodies and minds. If you are planning to have a lot of fun on Saturday, here are some of your favorite hiking destinations:


Chandragiri Hills has become very popular lately. Chandragiri, situated at an altitude of 2551 m above sea level, is known as a well-equipped tourist destination. As there is also a temple of Chandragiri Bhaleshwar, the crowd of visitors is the same. From the view tower in Chandragiri Hills, one can see the Kathmandu Valley, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu, Makalu, Everest and other mountains.

Chandragiri also has a separate route for hiking. From Kirtipur, you can start your journey from Machhegaun and reach Chandragiri via Chhapdanda.


Hiking Nepal-Notes Nepal
Champadevi Hiking Trail

Another choice of the people of the valley for a day hike is Champadevi. In a short period of time, you can reach the place where there is a clean environment by observing the mountain and mountain ranges. At 2300 meters above sea level, the journey ends at Pharping. Observations of the Himalayan range and lush green forests are the main features of this route.


Phulchowki falls in Lalitpur district. The number of people going hiking Nepal  in this area is increasing as the road is also good for traveling from Kathmandu. Phulchoki is the highest peak in the Kathmandu Valley. Located at an altitude of 2,750 meters above sea level, this hill also offers natural scenery. The journey to Phulchowki can be started from Godavari.


Kakani is located 32 kilometers north of Kathmandu in Nuwakot district. Kakani is known as a picnic sport, but in recent times, Kakani has become the choice of young people for hiking Nepal .


Shivpuri Danda falls under Nagarjuna Municipality of Kathmandu. Located at an altitude of 2732 meters above sea level, this hill is also the second highest peak in the valley. Those who go hiking Nepal on this hill will also get other facilities. Among them, Seto Gumba and Budhanilkantha will be able to return in one day.


Sundarijal is also considered as the gateway to Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park. Sundarijal is also a popular place for picnics and walks. Sundarijal is located at an altitude of 1,280 meters above sea level. In this forested area you can see waterfalls and play in the water. There is also a running hiking Nepal  route from Sundarijal to Okheni via Mulkharka and from Changunarayan to Sundarijal.

Lakuri Bhanjang Hiking Nepal  

From Lakuri Bhanjang in Lalitpur district, one can observe the breathtaking views of all the three districts of the valley. Lakuri Bhanjang, located at an altitude of 1,977 meters above sea level, is surrounded by forests. Although the condition of the road to Lakuri Bhanjang is critical, hikers will be able to enjoy it. This area is also popular for picnics.


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