Mutton Sekuwa : The Best Way To Make Nepali Style Sekuwa

Meat connoisseurs like to eat meat prepared in different ways. Eating the same type of meat is not always tasty. It is annoying to eat meat every day, but if you eat the same meat prepared in different ways, you will still eat as much meat as you eat. The great festival of Hindus has started in Baradshah. Hindus offer sacrifices during the celebration of Dashain. During the decade, it is customary to eat a lot of meat in everyone’s house.

Many people celebrate Dashain by cutting goat from house to house. Of course, when a house is cut down, there is a lot of meat. Eating meat makes people sick. But if the same meat is used in some way, it can be kept for a long time and can be eaten in different dishes. Sekuwa is one of the different types that can be made in this way.

Mutton Sekuwa
Mutton Sekuwa

As soon as Sekuwa is eaten, water comes out of the mouths of those who eat meat. The smell of making sekuwa awakens the love for sekuwa in people’s minds. But roasting meat is not the only way to make sekuwa. In order to make delicious sekuwa, various spices should be mixed in the meat.

How to prepare Mutton Sekuwa meat?

First of all, prepare boneless meat according to the number of people who eat Sekuwa. When preparing the meat in this way, make pieces of exactly the same size as possible. When meat is prepared in the same size, it is easier to cook and the meat is cooked uniformly.


Fired Meat
Mutton Sekuwa

Now you have to put various spices in the prepared meat. For that you need mustard oil, ginger garlic, red chilli powder, black paper powder, cumin coriander powder, meat spice, soy sauce and salt. Add these spices to the meat according to the amount of meat and the taste you need.

After mixing the meat with the spices, add some lemon juice. Which helps to keep the meat tight and tasty. Now mix the meat well. When the meat is well mixed, all the spices will reach all the parts of the meat. Read more


Mutton Sekuwa
Mutton Sekuwa

After mixing the meat and spices in this way, keep it in the fridge if it is frozen and if it is not frozen, keep it in a cool place for 2/3 hours. When meat is kept in this way, the element of spices reaches inside the meat and the meat becomes delicious.

Now add the marinated meat to the pan. When cooking meat in a jar, do not cook it too tight as it can be cooked too tightly everywhere. Now roast the meat in the oven on an electric grill or on a coal fire, or on the fire.

Nepali Food
Mutton Sekuwa


When roasting, turn the meat over and sprinkle with oil from time to time. In this way, by keeping oil in between, the meat does not dry out and cooks well. Let the meat cook until it turns red. Thus your Sekuwa is now ready to eat.


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