Diabetes: One Disease, Several Danger


Diabetes is termed as ‘hereditary disease’ in our society. It also has meaning. Especially those who eat sweets, do luxury, do not do physical labor, those who try to enjoy physical pleasure are affected by this disease. In other words, poor diet and lifestyle have been seen to be the cause of this disease. In some cases, it is passed down from generation to generation.

Diabetes can be controlled in time, if food and lifestyle precautions are taken, it will not cause such harm. But, in case of negligence, it becomes a complex problem. Diabetes also interferes with the functioning of other parts of the body. As a result, a variety of diseases begin to form.


Complications of diabetes

Most people with diabetes are more likely to be obese and have low back pain. Such back pain is less common when sitting, but when people start walking, they have unbearable back pain. And, as long as the walking process continues, the pain will only get worse.

When you stop walking, the back pain starts to subside and stops for a while. This type of low back pain is considered by many to be lumbar spondylosis or sciatica and is referred to an orthopedic specialist. Experts also do various tests and prescribe some calcium supplements and painkillers to get enough exercise.

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However, even if you do what the doctor says, the expected benefits are not obtained. As a result, the doctor changes every month and even then the result is not good.

Back pain or lower back angina

There are two main causes of back pain in a normal person or woman. One is a chronic hip injury that is mostly caused by falling to the ground and the other is caused by obesity or not walking. When a person spends a lot of time in their routine and lacks walking or exercise, their spinal cord and bones become stiff which makes them lack flexibility.



When such a person tries to do something, he suffers from back pain. Similarly, when a diabetic patient complains of back pain or thigh pain while walking, they may be suffering from something else due to lack of flexibility in the bones. The most common cause of low back pain in diabetics is a permanent lack of pure blood supply to the hips and thighs.


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If diabetics have a problem with back pain while sitting still, it simply means that they have a severe shortage of pure blood supply. Pain caused by a lack of blood supply is called angina in medical parlance. For example, lack of pure blood supply to the heart wall causes angina in the chest.

Similarly, lack of adequate supply of pure blood to the lumbar muscles or limbs can lead to lumbar angina or vest angina. Just as the risk of heart attack increases if we don’t treat chest angina in a timely manner, the risk of lumbar angina increases if the leg flesh does not rot and the leg itself becomes useless.

Why is hip angina?

A thick blood vessel comes out of the heart and goes to the abdomen. Wherever it goes, it supplies pure blood to the intestines and other organs. This tube reaches down to the hips and provides pure blood to the limbs or muscles in the hips. This tube then divides into two separate tubes, passing through the left and right thighs to the lower leg and flowing pure blood to both legs.

Due to diabetes, fat and calcium are constantly accumulating in the walls of these blood vessels. Due to the accumulation of fat, the blood vessels gradually become narrower, which reduces the supply of pure blood. If there is a lack of exercise or dietary discipline in the daily routine, the amount of sugar in diabetic patients is uncontrolled.



Quantitatively, the blood vessels constrict due to the rapid accumulation of fat. Diabetes causes blood vessels to constrict, especially in the lower back. Exactly where the blood vessels from the heart divide into two main branches. Excessive accumulation of fat or calcium in the blood vessels in the abdomen leads to a drastic decrease in the amount of oxygenated pure blood going to the hips or thighs and the patient suffers from back pain.

This type of angina or lumbar syndrome is called ‘laryngeal syndrome’ in medical parlance. If lumbar angina is ignored or not treated, there are two types of problems. First, sexual potency can be severely reduced because it interferes with the pure blood supply to the penis which does not produce the desired arousal in the penis and you may be deprived of the pleasure of intercourse.

The second loss is even more dangerous. This gradually reduces the amount of pure blood in the legs and eventually causes severe pain, blackness or tingling in the legs. As a result, your legs may not work.


Avoid painkillers

Most people go back to the doctor one after the other when they feel back pain and also the brand of painkillers. Some people go to the doctor’s office to play the role of a doctor and buy various painkillers from the counter of the medical store.

As soon as they feel a slight pain, they take painkillers immediately and this goes on for many years. Doing so causes two types of damage. On the one hand, lack of proper treatment for low back pain can lead to loss of legs, and on the other hand, severe kidney damage and kidney failure.


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