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Rara Lake

Rara Lake  not only gave coolness to the then King Mahendra, who reached Rara Lake in Mugu in the rainy season of April, 2020 BS, but also forced him to write a poem. The kings and emperors of the world are harsh, they have to be able to bend and melt somewhere. At that time, King Mahendra also came to Rara not to bow down, but to show bravery.

After reaching Rara of backwarded Mugu on horseback from Kathmandu, Mahendra’s main objective was to hunt for Badel in Rara National Park. But, when Mahendra stopped his horse on the shore of Rara Lake, fell down from the horse and relaxed under the cedar tree and stared at Rara’s blue water, then Rara hunted in Mahendra’s mind. Mahendra wrote a poem in Rara’s name, dissolving his own name in Rara’s Kanchan Jal.

Rara Lake -Notes Nepal
Rara Lake

Coincidentally, due to the hailstorm, Mahendra’s plan to hunt instead was completely ended. Returned from Rara completely melted, King Mahendra.

Rara waiting for a tourist:

Rara Lake -Notes Nepal
Rara Lake

Listening to Rara’s statement and looking at the photo, it seems that people are confused about Rara, but the reality is completely different. Rara is often alone, in the middle of huge mountains. Water splashed like blue ink, pine and cedar trees stood by the water’s edge, green all around but still deserted, Rara. Only a handful of tourists return by helicopter once or twice a month to capture Rara’s clean, beautiful face.

Why talk about Switzerland as a tourist destination?

It is amazing to see tourists flocking to Naini Lake in neighboring India. However, the beauty of Naini Lake cannot be described in front of Rara. Rara is so beautiful but insignificant compared to Naini Lake, why Rara? The answer is simple and accurate, no work has been done at the state level to promote the beautiful Rara of Bikat Mugu and take the initiative to reach the tourists.

Mugu, the smallest district in Nepal. Rara National Park is the smallest park in the country. And Rara National Park, the largest lake in the country, Rara. Of the 867 species of birds in Nepal, 236 species are found in Rara. There are ducks roaming Siberia, mostly through India and Tibet. Seeing birds like Hans, Jalewa, Kyang Kurung indulging in water sports, I also like to steal their happiness.

Maybe that’s why the Nepal Army’s Samarjit Gulm’s jawans make the tourists who reach there happy by taking a boat ride for a while. The three species of good fish found in Rara are endless in the world. I like to watch the activities of the fish in the crystal clear water of Rara with the naked eye.

Altitude: 2,972 m 9 above sea level
Length: 5 kilometers
Width: 3.2 kilometers
Depth: 167 meters
Area: 10.8 square kilometers.

Composition of Rara Lake:

Rara Lake -Notes Nepal
Rara Lake

The flight from Talcha to Nepalgunj is given an opportunity to enjoy Rara. Seen from the sky, Rara looks like a valley and looks dark blue. In the season from May to August, the beauty of Rara Lake, which looks like a heavenly assara wearing various flowers, is enhanced by the musk, rhubarb and scarecrow found in Rara Nikunj.

When Sisne and Kanjirova come and stay in Himal Rara, there is a lack of words to describe it. After a three-hour walk west of Rara, Murmatap offers a panoramic view of Rara and Saipal Himal. I had heard that after reaching Rara, it is rare to have a heart that does not recite poetry. I have read King Mahendra’s poetry.

Roads to Rara:
At that time, in the time of King Mahendra, Rara could be reached within a two-week walk from Surkhet. But now it doesn’t take long as air and motor facilities are close to Rara. For those who want to go by car, Rara can be reached from Surkhet via Kalikot. Similarly, you can reach Mugu’s Talcha by air from Nepalgunj and Surkhet of Banke and you can reach Rara after walking for a few hours.

Route no. 1 .The road to Rara can be reached on foot from Surkhet. The Karnali Highway, which is connected to the Jumla headquarters, can be reached from Magmaghat in Calicut, passing through the Sinja Valley, the birthplace of the Nepali language, through Goruchaur and near Rara Lake. Rara Lake can be easily reached by four-wheeler.

Rara can be easily reached by Scorpio, Bolero, Tata Sumo car and motorcycle. With the ease of transportation, there is a rush of domestic Nepali tourists visiting Rara Lake. The number of passengers going to Rara from major cities of the country has increased. Many couples who dream of reaching Rara once during the Dashain-Tihar holiday have reached Rara.

Rara Lake -Notes Nepal
Rara Lake

Compared to the previous year, the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Rara has skyrocketed this time. The hotels in Surkhet are full of tourists while the small vehicles have got the job of reserve well.

Route no. 2 The way to reach Rara by sky is possible from Banke and Surkhet to reach Rara by sky. There are flights from Banke’s Nepalgunj-based Raja Airport and from Surkhet to Mugu’s Talcha. After landing at Talcha Airport, Rara can be reached in a few hours on foot. The months of August and September are considered more suitable for visiting Rara.

Danger over Rara and danger of Rara:
There was no desire to pick up a very unpleasant dish from the beautiful Rara, but there was a need to pick it up. When the then King Mahendra reached Rara on March 6, 2020, seeing that Rara’s beauty was being encroached upon, 1,500 households from two nearby villages were relocated to the Terai.

But since then, the government has been indifferent to the encroachments around Rara, and the existence of Rara Lake has been in jeopardy due to landslides that occur every year. Now the danger has been signaled, if the encroachment is not stopped, Rara Lake may burst at any time. The landslide has spread from Gamgadhi, the district headquarters of Mugu, to Talitum village.

According to the locals, the landslide started flowing from Gundhuska and the source of water started flowing from Gundhuska. Geologists had suggested relocating the settlements around the lake around 2020 due to weak soil near Gamgadhi, but it has not materialized. Villages in Srinagar, Karkiwada and other places including the district headquarters Gamgadhi are at risk after the forest around Rara National Park was handed over to the community and landslides started on bare hills.

Although there is paper evidence that millions of rupees have been spent annually by the Lake Development Committee, Nepal Tourism Board, Karnali Tourism Promotion Development Committee, Mugu District Development Committee and other bodies for the protection and promotion of Rara Lake, there is almost no practical achievement.

Now Rara only needs infrastructure, Rara has the capacity to grow green dollars, all that is needed is the implementation of the plan. For the sake of tourism infrastructure, it is necessary to get rid of the pollution in the ancient thinking of the people. The Lolufera Campaign had planned to travel from Pokhara to Rara some time ago for the promotion of Rara Lake, for the promotion of tourism, for the promotion of Rara.

It is said that Rara is now investing for a big resort. There is room to hope that the day will come when Rara will change his mind. Because no one can stop development, only the pace of development can be weakened. It has become everyone’s responsibility to promote Rara’s tourism by increasing this speed. However, there is a need to be aware that the beauty of Rara will not be hidden in the name of development. It is necessary to raise voice against the tendency to destroy the natural beauty of Rara and its surroundings.


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