Chest Hurt : Why does the chest hurt? These can be diseases

Chest Pain

Chest Hurt  does not mean the cause of the heart, we mistakenly think that the cause of the chest hurt is the heart problem, but that thinking is wrong. More than 90 percent of chest hurt are not related to heart disease. But because the nature of the pain is different, if you have a heart problem, you should see a doctor immediately.

And if you have chest hurt due to a heart attack, you should not waste even 1 minute and go to the hospital.

Causes of chest pain

Chest hurt- Notes Nepal
Chest Pain

The heart and lungs are the two major organs in our chest. In case of chest pain, first you have to think about whether it is due to these two organs or not. As bones, muscles, tendons and skin also play a role in the structure of the chest, chest pain can also occur due to problems with these organs. In most cases, the cause of chest pain is related to bones and muscles.

Dr. Om Murthy Anil says that these factors are the main reasons for most of the patients who come to the OPD for chest pain. However, it is also advisable to check the heart and lungs of the patient in the emergency room first. In other words, in patients with chest pain in an emergency, it should be determined whether the chest pain is due to a heart attack or not.

How to find out the cause of chest pain?

Chest Hurt due to lungs: If you have pain in one side of the chest (right / left) while taking long breaths or turning, it may be due to lungs. This problem is more common in lean people. Breathing fever may also occur at such times. According to Dr. Anil, this may also be due to pneumonia.

Chest Hurt due to muscle or bone: Pain in the right side, back or side of the chest may be due to muscle or bone. Pain in this area is less likely to be caused by the heart. Symptoms such as pain when touched by hand, pain when breathing, and changes in the intensity of pain with the rotation of the chest may be due to muscle and bone pain.

Chest Hurt due to heart: There may be uniform pain or burning sensation in the middle or left side of the chest. The severity of the pain may be more or less. Symptoms such as sweating, vomiting, heart palpitations, fear, and weakness are more likely to be accompanied by pain. Chest hurt from a heart attack can also spread to the left arm, neck or back.

These can be diseases

Chest hurt- Notes Nepal
Chest Pain

If a person has a sudden chest hurt and pain in the side without pain in the middle, the chances of lung pain are higher, for which pneumothorax or flatulence is an important reason. When the air is full, it presses on other parts of the lungs and prevents the heart from working, which can lead to death.

Another important cause of chest pain is water filling the lungs. If you are full of water, it hurts slowly, it may take a long time. Similarly, chest pain is also a symptom of lung cancer. Chest pain also occurs if lung cancer has spread and touched the wall of the chest. Other symptoms of cancer may not be seen.

For example, blood in the sputum, loss of appetite, thinning and other symptoms of chest pain has been found in people who have chest pain. Lung infections are caused by the lungs, such as cancer symptoms, and chest pain.
It hurts even if there is a problem in the chest wall.

Many people come to the hospital with chest hurt and fear. But, nothing much has happened, there is muscle pain.

Chest Hurt- Notes Nepal
ChestHurt –

Lung infections are the cause of pneumonia. To prevent pneumonia, use a mask when going out, stay away from infected people, avoid crowds if you have an infection, relax, and eat nutritious food. Not everyone is infected with pneumonia. Pneumonia can cause great frustration to people who have low immunity.

Immunity means any other chronic disease, such as diabetes, lung, kidney disease, etc. should be treated regularly according to the doctor’s advice.


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