Pokhara Bagghi Ride : Get Around Pokhara City In A Bagghi

Pokhara Buggy Ride

Pokhara Bagghi Ride : Now, Tourists visiting Pokhara can get around the city in a buggy. Buggy and Horse Riding Company has started buggy business in Pokhara. Deputy Secretary of the National News Committee Govind Singh Bhandari inaugurated the event. Stating that buggy business is another attraction in Pokhara tourism, he urged to pay attention to animal husbandry and proper upbringing.

It would be difficult to establish a new product for some time as there would be challenges in every work. The business was conducted with the objective of promoting internal and external tourists in Pokhara, the main tourist area of ​​Nepal. He started this business by bringing an experienced horse from India along with a Pokhara Bagghi and a driver.

Pokhara Bagghi Ride

The service will be started in the first phase by traveling in a buggy to Lakeside, the main tourist area of ​​Pokhara. Operator Sharma said that the Pokhara Bagghi can be used even if it is needed for any marriage or fasting and good deeds with the tourists. A one-day buggy reserve will cost around Rs 80,000 including the driver, according to the company.

Various packages of buggy riders will be brought for a short time with a minimum fee of Rs 1,000.Buggy and Horse Riding Pvt. Ltd. has brought buggy into commercial operation in Pokhara with the objective of promoting tourism in Pokhara. Its operator is businessman Shant Sharma. With this business, the obligation to travel to Chitwan, Janakpur or India to fulfill the desire to ride a buggy will be removed.

Sharma, who is interested in a different kind of innovation business, started the  Bagghi business by bringing experienced horses from India. He has been running a buggy business in Bansbari of Kathmandu since last year and has expanded his business in Lakeside of Pokhara. He said that around Rs 1.5 million has been invested in the operation of the buggy.

He has bought three horses at the rate of 300,000 ICs for one horse, i.e. 480,000, and has also brought a buggy driver by paying 32,000 Nepali rupees monthly.

Pokhara Bagghi-Notes Nepal
Pokhara Bagghi Ride

He had three other helpers for the buggy. He said that he had three helpers to take care of the horse since he was pushing the  Bagghi on the hill. He said that all of them were given the facility to eat and live with their salaries. He said that 10 percent incentive of income will also be given to the staff.

In the first phase, three horses have been brought and one  Bagghi has been brought into operation as a test of the  Bagghi business in Pokhara. Sharma has planned to bring more horses and buggies if the demand for buggy tourists increases.

“Let’s see what the  Bagghi business looks like. If it gets better and the market demand increases, I am thinking of adding buggies soon,” he said. He said that the route has not been decided even though the buggy has been brought into operation by making the lakeside of Pokhara the main focal point. He plans to operate buggies around the lake, especially for those who ride buggies.

However, in the beginning, it will be operated wherever the tourists ask them to take it, The service will be targeted at tourists visiting various hotels and restaurants in Pokhara. Operator Sharma says that the service can be provided if there is a demand for marriage and other good deeds along with the buggy saw.

The  Bagghi ride, which has been in operation since Sunday, has already been booked for a wedding on Monday. It would cost Rs 80,000 to reserve a buggy for one day. The buggy, which can accommodate only two parents and two young Babunanis, has been charged Rs 1,000 per person for a short time. The fee is only 10 minutes to reach a nearby place to return.

Pokhara Bagghi-Notes Nepal
Pokhara Bagghi Ride

At the front of the Pokhara Bagghi is the driver’s seat. Sharma said that the package is being prepared targeting the families riding in the buggy. The family package has been fixed at Rs 10,000 per hour. Sharma has stated that his goal is to produce Nepali women buggy drivers.

He said that he has a plan to provide employment to women who have interest and knowledge about Pokhara Bagghi and horse. He said, “My idea is to produce female buggy drivers. If anyone is interested after seeing your news, please contact me. “Sharma, who has been advising for foreign investment for the past 17 years under the name of Nepal Business and Immigration Facilitated Pvt. Ltd., has entered the buggy business.

Stating that there is good potential for buggy business in Nepal, Sharma said that he plans to start buggy business in Butwal soon.