Depression : Why are Females More Susceptible for Depression??

Depression, It is normal for everyone to be depressed for one reason or another. However, staying depressed for long periods of time can be a sign of depression. Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. He begins to think that there is nothing but sorrow in his life.

According to the World Health Organization, women are more likely to suffer from depression than men. It is also responsible for the burden of domestic work on them. It is said that even working women are in a state of stress when they have to go home on one side and office on the other. Many women become depressed because they cannot manage their work, career, or responsibilities properly. Another major cause of depression in women is hormonal changes, which can lead to depression.


The deepest form of anxiety is depression. Depression is a mental illness. Nor is it possible to cure it with medicine alone. Not by surgery. Because mental management is the most effective method. However, it is not easy to bring the anxious person back to normal.

Psychological symptoms of depression

1. Constantly worrying

2. Concerned about health

3. Negative thoughts come to mind

4. Misleading thoughts come to mind

5. Dislike of work

6. Being irritable

7. Getting angry over small things

8. Change in mood

9. Act like crazy

10. Preferring to be alone

11. Having a bad dream

12. Never be happy

13. To speak less

14. To be afraid




Physical symptoms of depression

1. Headache

2. Heart palpitations

3. Problems swallowing food

4. Vomiting

5. Frequent bathroom visits

6. Body yellowing

7. Shortness of breath

8. Ringing

9. Muscle pain

10. Increased heart rate

11. Body trembling

12. Sweating

13. Fluctuating blood pressure

14 Being tired




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Treatment of depression

When a person is depressed, he feels that his life is over. Let’s discuss what are the ways out of such negative thinking.

1. To divert attention from the subject

In this plan or strategy, the person distracts himself from the situation or problem that is causing him depression, and tries to keep himself busy with other things. He also stops thinking about the problem which gives peace to the person.

2. Find out the cause of depression

If you want to find a solution to depression, first try to find the cause of depression. Then it can be written somewhere. Then think of a solution to this problem. If possible, try to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible.

3. No worries about the future

The thought of ‘what will happen tomorrow?’ Increases anxiety. So let’s always live for today because the present is the reality, and let’s try to do better in the present. Doing so automatically fixes the future. Every day and every moment teaches us something new and teaches us how to deal with problems.

4. To shout

Some people shout loudly during times of extreme stress. This is the best way to get rid of stressful or painful situations. Psychology also considers it good to shout in stressful situations.



5. Listening to songs

Listening to a song can also be a temporary relief from stress or pressure. Listening to a song makes a person feel refreshed.

6. Sharing feelings

One way to reduce stress is to share your thoughts with others. When you express your grief to your close friends and relatives, you feel better.

7. Avoid drugs

In the name of relaxation, many people resort to alcohol and cigarettes. But, it does them the opposite harm. People with depression should always stay away from drugs.

8. Pranayama

If you want to get rid of tension and depression, let’s do daily pranayama. This yoga reduces tension, stress or depression and sharpens the intellect.

9. Learning the art of laughing

Laughter is also an important weapon to reduce stress. Laughter increases the amount of endorphin hormones in us and makes us feel relaxed.

10. Don’t be alone

Loneliness is a major cause of depression. If someone in your family suffers from depression, spend as much time with them as possible.


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