Kushma : Kushma’s Much Awaited Bungee And Swing Will Come Into Operation

Kusma Bungee Jumping

The world’s second tallest bungee and the world’s tallest swing built in the Kaligandaki gorge connecting Parbat Kushma and Baglung Balewa will come into operation from this 15th of Kartik. Bridge Construction  was started in 2073 BS. Earlier, the development of the resort along side the bridge was completed at the top of 2076 BS but it couldn’t inherit operation thanks to lockdown, said Raju Karki, chairman of the company.

The world’s tallest swing and the second tallest bungee Kushma

Kushma-Notes Nepal
Kushma Bungee

A jumping platform for bungee and swing has been constructed just above the Kaligandaki river within the middle of the 525 meter long bridge . Its bridge from the river is 228 meters or 748 feet.

At present, the world’s tallest bungee is 764 feet high in Macau and therefore the second tallest is 720 feet above the dam in Switzerland. Following the Cliff project, it will overtake Switzerland as the world’s second-tallest bungee, while the swing here will be the world’s tallest, Karki said. Both bungee and swing are priced at Rs 7,000. From Pokhara, Kushma has 8,450 bungee or swing with two-way vehicle facility. 12,000 for tandem (pair) swing has been fixed.

Slingshot style ping Kushma

Kushma-Notes Nepal
Kushma Bungee Jumping

The height of the bridge built for the bungee is 228 meters while the height of the bridge above it is 248 meters from the river.
The ping, which is 12 meters high from the bottom , is different from the ping made thus far in Nepal. It is built in the style of a slingshot. Normally, the ping has to be shaken by others, but when the person sitting in the ping sits on it, the machine pulls it from behind and leaves the hut, and the ping is crushed. Kushma

Karki claims that the high quality rope used in adventure sports including rock climbing has been used and designed by skilled technicians. Karki said that it costs Rs 250 per person to play ping pong.

Sky cycling Kushma
Sky cycling is made using steel core cable. Sky-cycling at the highest altitude in the world is 228 meters high and 300 meters long. Karki said that two people can cycle on the route which is 300 meters long on both sides at a time.

Karki informed that sky cycling has been prepared as per international standards and high vigilance of safety precautions will be taken in its operation. Karki said that the company will provide the necessary bicycles and other safety equipment for cycling. Kushma

Both the bicycle and the passenger are tied with safety ropes. A bicycle with a hard and fast handle is mounted on a rope sort of a train roller during a leak. Sky cycling are going to be launched during a few months.

Resort Kushma

The Cliff Resort has been built in an area of ​​25 ropanis in Baglung Balewa. The resort has 21 safari tents and can accommodate 70 people.


Kushma-Notes Nepal
Kushma Bungee

Although the entire project is planned to cost Rs 200 million, the cost has gone up to Rs 280 million due to lockdown, said Raju Karki, chairman of the company.

Along with Chairman Karki, Yuvraj Joshi, Netra Prasad Parajuli, Florence Karki, Rajan Joshi and Nawaraj Sharma have also invested in the project. The investment for the bungee and swing bridge alone is said to be over Rs 80 million. The bridge can be crossed by paying 120 rupees.

How to reach Kushma

The Cliff Plc is located 55 km from Pokhara and 15 km from Annapurna Base Camp Gateway Nayapul.

Public buses are easily available from Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara to Parbat Kushma. You can also go to Baglung Bus Park in Pokhara and take a sharing taxi to Kushma.


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