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Dantakali : Visits to the famous Shaktipeeth Dantkali temple in the east have declined this year. The temple at Vijaypur Danda in Dharan-14 had been hosting a big fair for nine days of Dashain for 51 years. More than 5,000 people used to come to visit and worship daily.
According to Bishwaraj Khanal, the chief priest of the temple, the temple has incurred a loss of about Rs 600,000 this year alone after the federal and local governments banned worship at the temple due to the Corona epidemic.

More corona infections have spread in Dharan of Province No. 1. The number of infections and deaths is increasing. For the same reason, no one except priests has been allowed to enter the daily worship and special worship in Baradshah, said Ward Chairman of Dharan Sub-Metropolis No. 14 Krishna Bhattarai. Dantakali

Dantakali -Notes Nepal

According to him, Navratri did not increase in Dantakali this time as in the past. Only the method of flowering was completed. Similarly, sacrifices have been made only on behalf of the temple committee. On behalf of the temple and the ward office, information was published urging the devotees and the general public not to visit the temple and worship at home.

“I used to earn Rs 50,000-60,000 a day from visiting Nauratha in Dashain and worshiping alone,” said Khanal, the chief priest. “No one has been able to come this year.” We lost our income. ‘ In the temple premises in Nauratha alone, more than one lakh worship materials, toys, identifying pictures of the temple, coconuts, balloons and other items were sold daily.

According to local Durga Bhujel, the traders who have been doing business in the temple premises have lost their livelihood due to Corona. According to the chief priest Khanal, devotees used to sacrifice goats, calves and ducks on Maha Ashtami. Devotees did not come this year even though they were sacrificing one hundred to two hundred animals and birds. Animal sacrifices are performed daily for nine days to complete the method and process. Dantakali

At other times also, there is a tradition of sacrificing goats in 15 days. Priest Khanal says that the management committee is running at a loss due to zero income as the public has been barred from entering the temple for the past seven months. “It is unfortunate not to offer sacrifices in a fortnight. That is why we have been offering regular sacrifices, ”said Pujari Khanal. Legend has it that Dantakali Mata originated at the place where Parvati’s teeth fell out in the Satya Yuga.

This is also mentioned in the story of Sriswasthani. According to Bhujel, a local, thousands of devotees come from far and wide to offer sacrifices and worship animals in the belief that sacrifices and worship are enough.
There are also Pindeshwar Baba, Budhasubba temple and Panchakanya temple in Vijaypur of Dharan. Devotees who visit any of these temples do not return without visiting the Dantakali temple.

Following the tradition Dantakali 

Dantakali -Notes Nepal
Dantakali Nepal

The Dantakali temple has been operating under Guthi. Priests have been managing the income here. Five priests have performed puja this year as devotees from outside have not been able to enter. Priests have been burning flowers, incense, and lamps daily. According to Pujari Khanal, the management committee has been bearing Rs. 15,000-20,000 per month.

Ramesh Khanal, coordinator of the temple guthi management committee, said that the tradition is continuing even though there is no income from the lockdown. It is customary to sacrifice two goats a month. There is a general expenditure of Rs. 20,000 per month. According to Pujari Khanal, the presence and support of the sub-metropolis in Dharan is zero. He said that he did not get any relief even though he was expected to help in such problems.

Enjoy in Naurtha Mela Dantakali 
Young people living in outer districts used to come to Dharan for employment and study. Some youths used to take Naurtha Mela as an opportunity to deepen their love. Young people would have reached the temple before 4 o’clock in the morning. According to the locals, there is a large crowd from Singhadevi Chowk of Dharan to the temple (about 500 meters). Umesh Rai, who has been living in Dharan from Bhojpur, used to return home only after having fun with his friends in Naurtha. This year, he has been living in Bhojpur since last April. According to the locals, many young people go to the temple to have fun under the pretext of worshiping Naurtha.

The legend and history of the temple

Dantakali -Notes Nepal
Dantakali Nepal

The Dantakali temple is located in the middle of Dharan-14 Vijaypur hill. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages, the temple, known as Vijaypure Kalika, was established as a Shakti Peetha after Shiva fell down carrying his dead body. In the temple, a black stone is used to worship the goddess Sati. It is customary to sacrifice goats, calves, etc. in the temple.

Prior to the unification of Nepal, the glory of this Shakti Peeth, revered as the idol of the Sen dynasty king of Vijaypur state, has always been the same. The temple was of normal type till 2035 BS, but now a grand floor style temple has been built. The fair is also held on the occasion of Teej and Swasthani Purnima in Dantkali area. Sacrifice is customary on every Ashtami.

The temple is located about 500 meters north of Pindeshwar on Vijaypur hill. Even in Rudraksharanya Mahatmya, it is said to be the goddess in the northwest direction of Pindeshwar. The main revered object of the temple is also a tooth-shaped object. It is covered with silver foil. Dantakali

Dham to identify Dharan

Vijaypur is considered to be the head of Dharan sub-metropolis, which has a history of Mahabharata period and has been the capital of Kirat in recent times. The archeological, mythological and historical significance of the Pindeshwar temple, which was restored by the king of Bengal five hundred years ago, is obvious.

It is said that today’s Dharan city got its name from the place where the modern modern city of Dharan was located.
Although settled in Vijaypur for a long time, Dharan started from a small settlement in the plains by clearing dense forests in 1950 BS.

Natural beauty

A beautiful view of Dharan Bazaar can be seen from Dantakali of Vijaypur. The sub-metropolis has set up a view station near the temple. From Dharan, they come here in the morning to relax and see the scenery of Dharan. Visitors flock here in the morning. Apart from this, some parts of Morang district and places like Udaipur, Saptari and Inaruwa, Koshi Tappu of Sunsari district can also be seen from here. From here, the view of Saptakoshi to the west is breathtaking. The sub-metropolis has built a ladder to reach here. From Bhanuchok, you can reach here by small vehicle and tempo.


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