Dubo : Health Application of Dubo for Several Diseases

Our ancestors did not give much importance to Dubo. It has a special significance in Ayurveda. It is considered a great medicine. It frees the body from many diseases. It has the ability to heal from external wounds to internal diseases.

Another feature of it is that it grows easily anywhere. Medicinal plants are often rare. But, it is found everywhere. It is because of this feature of Dubois that it is said, ‘Let it flourish like Dubois.’


Nutrient storage

According to Ayurveda, the miraculous plant Dubo can also be consumed as a juice. Dubo juice is rich in protein, carbohydrates, calcium, fiber and potassium. Consuming a certain amount of this plant every day is considered to be very beneficial for health.

How to consume

However, it is beneficial to consume it even under normal circumstances. Rinse it in a clean place. Grind it to extract the juice. The juice can be mixed with water to drink. At the same time, clean dubo can be boiled in water and its juice can be consumed.

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Dubo juice can be a panacea if the eye is ripe or has any kind of eye infection. Choose thisĀ  juice on a thin cloth. Now apply clean juice on the eyes. The infection is cured.

It can also be consumed by chewing. It tastes slightly sweet. It is also considered good to walk barefoot in Dubois. It is said that it is very beneficial for diabetic patients to walk barefoot in the morning.

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Useful in which diseases?

Since juice contains nutrients, it is still beneficial for health. As well as constipation, liver disease,it is extremely beneficial in sexually transmitted diseases. Eliminates body disorders. It helps to purify the blood. Dubo juice is beneficial if there is bad urine. Nasal problems are also beneficial.

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In case of normal vomiting, rupture of the nostrils, burning of the chest, itching of the body, swelling of any part of the body, it can be used.

Dubois is not the only utility. It is also considered effective in diagnosing chronic diseases. Dubo juice is especially useful in diabetes, high blood pressure, impotence etc.

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