Kolbrikshya : Endangered ‘Kolbrikshya ‘ Protected Area Becoming A Tourist Destination


Kolbrikshya : The endangered botanical tree orchard of Sarawal Gaonpalika-2 of Nawalparasi (Bardaghat Susta West) has started to develop as a tourist destination.

As the village municipality has started to establish this area as a tourist destination by conserving it, the attraction of domestic tourists has increased here. The village is carrying out archeological excavations in the area of ​​Kolbrikshya, a city of the ancient Koliyan Republic and considered a Buddhist site.

The excavation has been started with the objective of developing the place as a model tourist destination, highlighting the archeological significance of the place.

The area has been conserving and constructing tourist infrastructures for the past few years and that the area is being excavated as it is mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures as Kakarpatta Nagar, a city of the ancient Koliyan Republic. “Excavation is needed as bricks, idols and utensils have been found here which are similar to the Buddhist history,” .

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He said that the village municipality is allocating budget and coordinating with the archeology department to excavate the area in the current fiscal year. The village has declared this area as Kakarpatta Nagar as it is mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures that Kakarpatta Nagar is a city of the ancient Koliyan Republic. Kolbrikshya

A scholar in the field of archeology, leprosy king Ram, who was self-exiled from Benaras in ancient times, and Shakyarani Priya from Kapilnagar, who was afflicted with a similar disease, lived in exile in Kolwan. It is mentioned in the book that King Rama later cut down this coal tree and established the kingdom and the name of this village became Ramgram kingdom and the name of this tree became the ancient Koliya Republic. Kolbrikshya

The municipality is working to protect, promote and develop the area by giving high priority to the area as it is close to Ramgram and coal trees are not found anywhere else.

Coal tree research is ongoing. Researchers from Japan and other countries are involved. It is said that this plant, also known as Akol in the local language, originated in Nepal. It is also used in the treatment of diseases such as leprosy, skin diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.

In Java there is a coal tree garden and this plant can be seen all around the village. The municipality is preparing to count the coal trees as its trees can be found all over the village. The locals say that this tree does not have to be planted and originated by itself. From here, coal seedlings were planted at Ramgram Stupa and Lumbini but were not successful there, Kolbrikshya .

The village municipality has so far invested more than Rs. 10 million to conserve coal and develop it as a tourism sector. A detailed master plan has also been prepared for the overall development of the region. The support of the state and federal governments would be needed as there was a multi-crore plan.

At present, a statue of the great Buddha has not been installed in the place and a picnic site, trust and tourist accommodation have been constructed. Preparations are underway for the operation of home stay and construction of multi-purpose meeting hall to emphasize on the income of the locals by promoting tourism here. The village municipality has stated that it is going to train the locals for running home stay.

Preparations are underway to upgrade the road to the site next year, build an entrance, a Buddhist monastery and a park. Similarly, the village municipality has come up with a plan to make the historic Buddha Sarovar Lake in the same place beautiful and operate boats, protect the ancient dug wells and Kothahi Mai temple and build infrastructure to attract tourists, . Stressing on the need for integrated development in connection with Lumbini and Ramgram as this area is an ancient Buddhist site, he informed that initiatives are being taken in the concerned bodies for this.

Kolbrikshya-Notes Nepal
Kolbrikshya Protected Area

The Buddha Sarovar Lake here also has a special feature. The lake is home to endangered birds from all over the world, including Siberians. Spread over about five bighas of land, this lake is also beautiful. There is a legend that the lake has never dried up.

There is a legend that when a vessel is needed for worship and festivities, the vessel comes to the boat after worshiping the goddess and is returned after the work is done. Kolbrikshya

The locals are also happy that the Java region, which is the heritage of the village municipality, has become a tourist destination. The development of tourism here is expected to increase the income of the locals, create employment opportunities and change the living standard.

If this region can be made a tourist destination, it is believed to be a model tourist destination for the world as well as a destination for researchers. 9 photos are also available. Kolbrikshya

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