Health Insurance In Nepal : Things To Remember In Health Insurance

Health Insurance In Nepal

Health Insurance In Nepal, Our healthcare is very expensive and complex. So when we get sick, we can fall into the clutches of debt. In this case, health insurance is very useful to avoid possible health crisis and treatment costs. However, we are not very aware of health insurance. So in which case, how to insure health? Before insuring, you need to know what to look for.

Health Insurance In Nepal
Health Insurance In Nepal

Let’s compare before insuring

Before choosing health insurance, you should test the plans of three or four insurance companies. Doing so lets you know which insurance company has what features and which ones don’t. It is important to note that health insurance should not be taken out with a company that has more than the required conditions in the plan. Every condition of health insurance should be carefully observed.

You have to understand your Needs

If you have decided to have health insurance, you need to consider your family’s needs. Special attention needs to be paid to the number and age of family members.

Things to know

What you need to ask the health insurance company is whether there is accidental damage cover from the first day, when seasonal patients are covered, how many days after taking the policy serious patients are covered. Some companies from the beginning have included planned surgery such as stone, gall bladder etc. Therefore, all this information should be taken before insuring.

Swatha Bima
Health Insurance In Nepal

Lifetime renewal

You should have a health insurance policy that offers lifetime renewal. Because no one knows when they will get sick. In that case, choosing the right policy provides lifelong protection.

Free medical checkup

Such a policy should be taken, which has the facility of free medical checkup. Some companies have their own diagnostic center or panel hospital, where you have to go for a checkup, while some companies also offer outpatient checkups.

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Pre and post hospitalization

A lot of money is spent in the name of seeing a doctor or getting tested before or after the operation. When taking a policy for such a time, one should ask whether it has pre and post hospitalization facility or not. This will also give you the benefit of a lifetime.

Health Insurance In Nepal
Health Insurance In Nepal

Don’t be bound by the condition

The policies of some insurance companies are so vague that you do not get more than the prescribed amount of room rent after you are admitted to the hospital. If there are certain conditions in the policy, it is wise not to take such a policy, because you do not know in which patient’s case how much you have to pay for it.

Chronic disease should not be hidden

What insurance companies want is for insurers to be clear about their illnesses and habits. Such as lifestyle, medical history, etc. Once you know these things, the company should not bother to pay you the insurance amount. So if you have a disease, you should not hide it, even if you have to pay a little more premium for it.

Swastha Bima
Health Insurance In Nepal

For women

Awareness of women towards future and career is increasing. Working women understand the need for investment and different types of insurance policies and have started taking necessary steps ahead of time. Housewives also need to understand the importance of insurance policies, especially health insurance policies. In most households, housewives are responsible for running the household.

In such a case, if any member of the household suddenly falls ill or the housewife herself becomes pregnant, it is natural for the budget to be erratic. In such cases, health insurance is very useful. A recent survey has revealed that most Nepali housewives do not get regular health check-ups, which can lead to minor health problems and then no option to go to the hospital.

Breast cancer, uterine cancer, etc. are becoming a common problem in women. The health insurance policy covers the cost of maternal health as well as the treatment of all these problems. There are many benefits to having a health insurance policy for women.

By taking out health insurance, on the one hand, women become financially strong and on the other hand, health insurance also covers the serious illnesses they may have and the expenses to be incurred during childbirth. In addition, if you are married and have health insurance, you will be able to get a definite tax deduction.


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