Samadhi: The Peak Stage of The Spirituality


Samadhi, A person is born, he needs up to 5 years of age for his normal physical development. His school life begins before he reaches the age of five. Then he gets involved in a level struggle at school. His school life ends with the greed of being second and hoping to be better. Then he starts working. Her life is spent in trying to be excellent in employment and family. While earning money, his life goes on, this is the life that is based on ad holism.

On the other hand, there are some who are comfortable from the school level. The lives of those who spend their days sitting comfortably on the last bench are also gone. They rarely run, but which of these two is the simplest life?



Making life easier or harder depends on the art of living your life. Spiritual knowledge is the knowledge that teaches us to live life in a simple way. Spirituality is a kind of knowledge that manifests from within itself. Which does not go to any school to learn, but arises from meditation and contemplation. We can know this knowledge only when we reach the depths of the soul.




We die every day for position, money and prestige. By comparing myself with others, I consider myself weaker than others. When a person begins to walk on the path of spirituality or meditation, then that person becomes a follower of the path that the liberated scholars say. Then people start following the condition of salvation or samadhi. Life is made simpler.



According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, there are four types of verses in spirituality

1. Brahmapada

2. Rudrapada

3. Vishnupada

4. Parampad (Siddha Pad)


Brahmapada is the greatest spiritual verse. This condition is considered to be indescribable or latent. In this case, the person becomes a Brahmin.


Rudrapada is considered different from Vishnupada. While the person who has reached this position is immersed in unbroken spirituality.



Vishnupada – Vishnupada is a stage higher than Siddhapada. When one is perfected, one is oriented towards salvation, but at this stage, one is stable.

Paramapada – When a person begins spiritual practice, he first becomes perfect. This Siddhapada is also called Parampada.

Samadhi in spirituality

Three types of samadhi are described in Bhakti Sagar

1. Bhakti

2. Yoga

3 Gyan

Bhakti Samadhi – Through the devotee one attains the supreme position.

Yoga Samadhi – A person can attain the supreme position by following Ashtanga Yoga.

Gyan Samadhi – A person can also attain salvation through knowledge.



There are six types of tombs in Shaiv ​​Marg. Also called the Six Paths of Salvation.

1. Sastri (Aishwarya)

2. Salokya (attainment of the world)

3. Saroop (Brahma Swaroop),

4. Proximity, (close to Brahman),

5. Samya (Brahman Samana),

6. Absorption or union (immersion in Brahman)

Maharshi Patanjali has divided Samadhi, Mukti or Pada into two types.

1. Samprajnat

2. Asamprajnata



1. Samprajnata Samadhi:

If an ascetic or yogi separates himself from worldly things (material things) and renounces his desires from the mind, it is called Samprajnata.

2. Unconscious Samadhi:

In this Samadhi, a person does not even know that he is meditating. Those people feel nothing but meditation.


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