Joint Pain : Remedies of nt Pain in Cold Winter

Joint Pain

The effects of normal seasonal changes can be seen in the body, especially when it is covered by adults or old age. Like the onset of winter, joint pain.

This is a problem that many are experiencing as the temperature rises. The colder it gets, the more complicated the joint pain becomes. Due to this, their daily life is becoming difficult. There is even a problem with normal walking.

Joint Pain
Joint Pain

In winter, natural methods can be used to avoid joint pain. Do not stay in one place for a long time, walk, massage the body, keep the body warm, warm the sun or fire. At the same time, there are some natural methods that can relieve joint pain.

– Boil a handful of cumin seeds and a teaspoon of salt in water. It should be squeezed on a cloth and baked.

– Applying mustard paste also gives relief in this type of pain.

– Boil the cumin seeds in water and boil it and steam the water in the affected area.


Remedy Of Disease
Joint Pain

– Cut two saffron garlic and heat it in sesame oil and massage it on the joints. There will be many benefits.

– If there is a lot of pain, the clothes should be heated and heated in the joints. You will feel comfortable immediately.

– Grinding garlic reduces pain in every part of the body. However, it should not be worn for a long time.


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-Burn cumin seeds and garlic in hot oil and massage it to get rid of all kinds of pain.

– Mixing vinegar and olive oil and massaging is beneficial.

– Tie 4-5 pieces of lemon in a cloth and dip it in hot sesame oil for a while and apply it on the knees.

– Grind mustard and apply it on the knees, it will give immediate relief.

Joint Pain
Joint Pain


– Put salt directly in warm water and take a bath.

– Mix cinnamon powder and honey to make a paste and massage it on the joints.

– Neem oil massage is also beneficial in joint pain.

Remedy of Disease
Joint Pain


– Beat two cloves of garlic and put it in sesame oil and massage it on the joints.

– Heat cumin seeds and garlic in mustard oil and massage it on the sore spot.

– Grind mango leaves and apply it on the sore spot. Boiling mango leaves in water and boiling it with water is also beneficial.

– Mix half a liter of sesame oil and 10 grams of camphor in a glass bottle and keep it in the sun. When they dissolve well, let’s massage the joints with this oil.


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