Spirituality : The Perfect Way for a Happy and Peaceful Life


Spirituality, if properly understood, is a universal way of living a full and balanced life. We have such a rare opportunity to find the beauty of life within ourselves. This is the medium of discovery.

Many view it as a religion. But, it is not a religion in itself, but a science. Understand your conscious nature. The universe before us is basically made up of two powers. One root and the other conscious.


The study of matter is a matter of science. While conscious power is a matter of spirituality. Therefore, in order to fully understand these universes, we need to keep in mind both of these powers. Spirituality means knowing, believing and seeing the conscious element within oneself. It means knowing oneself or being self-aware.

It is a science that provides love, peace, happiness, passion and the power of conscience in our lives. This is one of the best ways to live life. As well as the method of enriching the inner life.

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Arjuna has asked Lord Krishna, ‘O Purushottam, what is Brahma, what is spirituality? What is the meaning of karma? ‘



This is the curiosity of Brahma, Brahma is the divine curiosity. At the same time, there is curiosity about spirituality. Brahma is different from discussion or God, spirituality. So the question of this is also different. Karma is also a different matter. Lord Krishna’s answer to this question is as follows, ‘Akshan Brahma is supreme, natures are spiritual.

Spirituality literally means self-study.

Where was our soul before we came to this world, where does our soul go when we die? What is the purpose of this world and this life? These are just some of the key questions to remind people of life.



Just as the universe is moving in a wonderful way, so is our body. Realizing this is the virtue of life.


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