Kundule Ghar : Let’s go to Palpa to see Endangered ” Kundule Ghar “

Kundule Ghar

Kundule Ghar : The top of a high mountain. Other hillsides, including the snow-capped peaks, are easily visible. The view from there is breathtaking. It is very cold in winter and cold in summer. Where there are some modern style houses, there are also some old style houses like small huts. The same place is Khadar of Mityal, Nisdi village municipality-4 of Palpa.

People born and raised in the city are surprised when they get there. Because there are wonderful houses. It looks like a cave in the forest. Earthenware in a rounded style. Hocho and covered with straw. The door is also very small, two rooms inside. In which room one can go from one to another.

Kundule Ghar -Notes Nepal
Kundule Ghar

The door to the doorway is a sekuwa for guests, while the inner room is for cooking, eating, and sleeping for family members. There is only a small round hole in the middle of the window. People are living in the same house.

From time immemorial, when the human consciousness was changing from the wild state. And the consciousness of living at home began to develop. Gum Bahadur Thapa, the founding chairman of the District Coordinating Council of the Federation of Indigenous Tribes of Nepal, Palpa, estimates that the houses built at that time may have been structured. “When there will be a lot of Jahan family.

Even when Khan reached Xanten, there was a dearth of clothes to wear and blankets to cover his body. Even at the beginning of the modern age, they have been forced to live in such houses due to poverty.

The sign of the newlyweds on the small door Kundule Ghar

Kundule Ghar -Notes Nepal
Kundule Ghar

It was customary for the Magar community to flee and bring the newlyweds home. After bringing the bride home, the small door is important in getting her inside. ‘Everyone’s attention is going to be on how the bride gets inside.

It was customary to see if she would knock on the upper door of the door on the way inside

Also, a small hole has been made so that all the conditions inside and outside cannot be seen. Most of these types of Kundule Ghar were built in hilly areas. Due to the high winds and cold weather, the people here have been living in cave style houses. He also said that the house covered with straw will be strong enough to cover the house for about 30-35 years. Thapa himself says that Kundu was born at home.

“In recent times, modern houses are being built with various technologies along with the consciousness of the people,” said Thapa, the founding chairman. TheKundule Gharhave been established as historical documents. ‘

Chairman of the District Coordinating Council, Palpa, Kehar Singh Rana, stressed on the need to protect such Kundule Ghar. These types of houses are associated with Magar culture, adding that governments at all three levels should focus on conservation.

Taking facts Kundule Ghar

Kundule Ghar -Notes Nepal
Kundule Ghar

Mukta Bahadur Saru, chairman of Nisdi village municipality, said that work was underway to collect data on Kundule Ghar . “The work of collecting data will be completed by mid-December,” he said.

He said that Kundu would protect the families who have only houses by giving them the option of Ghaderi. Chairman Saru says that Kundu will protect the house by providing necessary assistance to other houses and families. He is of the view that Kundu house will be the main attraction for internal and external tourists in Nisdi village, which has potential for tourism.

Kundule Ghar, which is disappearing from the village society, which can be seen only during the fair festival, can be seen in Palpa. Although there are small and one or two houses in Purbakhola and Rambha villages of Palpa district, Mathagadhi, Rainadevi, Chhahra and others, there are a few more in Nisdi village.

Nisdi-4 The settlement itself looks beautiful as there are a few houses in Khandal of Mityal. According to a local, Santvir Sunari, the tourists from Rupsebhanjyang of Nisdi-4 have been able to get electricity from the air and to visit Amriso Bagan Kauledanda in Nisdi.

According to Sunari, Kundu, which is associated with the culture of the crocodiles in the densely populated crocodile area, is easy to avoid from wind, water and hot sun, even if it is difficult for many families to live at home. According to Sunari, the house is colder in summer and hotter and warmer in winter than the houses made of cement and zinc.

According to the locals, Kundule Ghar  is in a state of extinction and it needs to be protected. As there is not enough room as per the need, even if there is a problem in accommodation, the house is considered safe in cold and hot weather. A house with a curved structure, a door, a thatched roof, and a window with only a hole in the name looks attractive. Lately, many people are building endangered houses with sloping and tiled roofs and tiles.

Due to lack of room and some problems in sleeping and keeping guests, the citizens living in the lake area have been constructing other types of comfortable houses. From Kundule Ghar on the top of the hill, the fields of the South Terai and the beautiful mountain range to the north look attractive. Mukta Bahadur Saru, chairman of the village municipality, informed that he will now take care of Kundu’s house in Khandar, a dense hilly area about 70 km east of the district headquarters Tansen.

According to Saru, Kundu will collect data on the number of houses in the village municipality by mid-December, provide land options to the people of the area where Kundu owns only houses and come up with a special plan to protect Kundule Ghar . Along with Mityal, the Terai and Nepal-India border can be seen from the hills of Nisdi village municipality. Saru stressed on the need to increase the attraction of internal and external tourists for the promotion of locally produced bodi, bean and ginger including banana, sunflower and amris.

There is also wind power and solar system in the beautiful Nisdi which can be reached even for cooling during summer time. He said that the conservation of Kundule ghar is essential for the tourists to stay in the area for a few days. The locals say that if the Kundule ghar is protected, external and internal tourists can be attracted.


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