Dhaulagiri Footpath : An Adventurous Tourist Destination Nepal

Dhaulagiri Footpath

Dhaulagiri Footpath  leading to the base camp of the world’s seventh (8,167 m) Dhaulagiri Himal, located in Mudi of Dhawalagiri Gaonpalika-4 of Myagdi, is being developed as an adventurous trek.

The footpath, which is built at the foot of a high hill and mountain, attracts tourists who go for mountaineering, trekking to Dhaulagiri Himal and trekking to the base camp. The number of foreign as well as domestic tourists has recently increased on this footpath. As it has to travel for many days, this area was only a choice for foreign tourists. Lately, Nepali tourists have also started coming here. After the construction of footpaths, suspension bridges and other infrastructures, the tourists have got relief.

Dhaulagiri Footpath -Notes Nepal
Dhaulagiri Footpath

With the construction of infrastructure on the Dhawalagiri footpath, the obligation to walk on the slopes with one’s life in one’s hands is gradually being removed and the trekking has become safer. Kesari Sharma of Dhawlagiri Gaonpalika-4 Khamla, who reached the Dhawlagiri base camp after a week-long trek during the Dashain holiday, did not share her experience of the region being overshadowed due to publicity despite the immense potential for tourism development.

The Dhaulagiri footpath is a potential area for adventure tourism. It is important for the concerned bodies to complete the construction of infrastructure including its promotion and essential footpaths .The footpath from Naura to Italy, the footpath from the Italian camp to the Swiss camp and the glacier area from the Japanese camp to the base camp were unique and adventurous for trekking.

Recently, the footpath has been upgraded from the most dangerous part of the footpath to Bugar, Dobhan, Sallaghari, Italy base camp and Swiss camp. About 12 kilometers of footpaths have been constructed and repaired with the additional budget of Rs 6.5 million received through Gandaki and the federal government.

Village Municipality Chairperson Thamsara Pun informed that the infrastructure has been constructed by widening the dangerous footpaths of hills and forests. She said that initiatives are still being taken to build footpaths and suspension bridges over rivers in difficult places. Along with the construction of footpaths, relief has been provided to the tourists going for Dhaulagiri base camp and cycling Dhaulagiri and mountaineering.

Tourists have been using helicopters to reach the base camp due to the risky footpaths and lack of communication access. Although most of the tourists go by helicopter, the tourists who reach Dhawalagiri and the base camp use the footpath.

Along with the beautiful snow-capped mountains, Dhawalagiri footpath, high waterfalls, secluded environment of the forest, nearby waterfalls, musk deer, scarecrows, lakes and glaciers are the main attractions of the trek. Glacier lakes have also become a tourist attraction.

A footpath has been constructed on the Dhaulagiri Ice Fruit Trekking Route connecting various VDCs of Myagdi to the Himalayan district Mustang. The trekking route, which has been started to be developed as a new tourist destination, has been constructed with the objective of constructing physical infrastructure and attracting tourists.

Dhaulagiri Footpath -Notes Nepal
Dhaulagiri Footpath

At present, about five kilometers of footpath has been constructed from Mutukate to Sowangdhuri in the first phase,

Construction of footpath has been started with the joint investment of Tan Western Regional Chapter Pokhara and District Development Committee to bring internal and external tourists to the Icefall area, which is also an alternative footpath of Mustang district across the Himalayas. At present, five kilometers of footpaths have been constructed at a cost of Rs. 500,000 and additional footpaths will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 300,000, .

The snowfall has covered the high hilly areas of Dagnam, Chimkhola, Begkhola, Dowa, Bhurung Tatopani and Dana VDCs from Piple Galeshwor of Myagdi to Bhagwati. Starting from Galeshwar, three kilometers ahead of Beni, this footpath connects Kalibarah via Piple, Bhagwati, Ruisedanda, Pakshatradhuri, Mutukate, Bhediodar, Sovangdhuri and Dahabuki.

Dhaulagiri Footpath -Notes Nepal
Dhaulagiri Footpath

The icefall area is connected with Kalibarah. Entering the Mustang area from Kalibarah, Lete falls and then from there to the south through Kuinemang, Chimkhola and through the lower area to Beni. Devendra KC, advisor of the Icefall Footpath Management Construction Committee, said that if the footpath is constructed in Icefall, which covers high hilly and mountainous areas, it can be developed as a unique tourist destination that can be traveled in about a week.

The main attractions of the dense forest are Ghoral, Mrig, Danphe, Munal, Charankharka, sheep, buffalo, cow and other pets, various colors of Laligurans, Agla-Agla Parbat, Dahabuki Lake, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himal ranges and valuable herbs.


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