Bhot : Way to Bhote – ‘Virgin Trek’ for tourists


Bhot : There was no road. This was the way to go to the polls to get salt till the 30’s.The elders used to climb the milk pond from Krupu and reach Timang of Manang through Namun Bhanjyang. Later, when the road was paved through Beshisahar of Lamjung, people started coming by car.

Nobody walks on this road now. The journey from Tangting to Manang takes 10 days. This route includes scenic spots like Chyomrong, Chingragre, Tapron, To Lake, Phalne, Thurchu, Danphekharka.

On the other hand, the origins of the Gurungs can be traced back to Kholasother, Kori, Madramehundai and Khipuche Lake.

Bhot -Notes Nepal
Bhot Nepal

Khupuche is the lowest glacier in the world. This place within the Annapurna Conservation Area Project can be an alternative to the Annapurna Circuit, which is dominated by trekking.

Nobody walks on this road now. The journey from Tangting to Manang takes 10 days. This route includes scenic spots like Chyomrong, Chingragre, Tapron, To Lake, Phalne, Thurchu, Danphekharka. Tourists have been facing problems after the road crossed the trekking route. The 21-day Annapurna tour is now completed in a week at most. Therefore, this route, which has not been visited by tourists, is being developed by Madi village as a ‘virgin route’.

Tangting is the entry point of this route, where 95 percent Gurungs live. Homestay is very flourishing in this place now. During the winter season, the village is completely covered with snow. The road has reached the hill above the village. Local leader Prakash Gurung said that all the houses in the village are being developed as homestays.

‘Trekking starts from Krupu. Tourists come and stay in the village. It is easy to get up in the morning and get up. This is the way to reach the base camps of 14 mountains including Lamjung, Annapurna II and Annapurna IV.

Tangting tourism 

Bhot -Notes Nepal

The Madi village municipality is preparing to hold a tourism festival in the coming New Year with the aim of attracting tourists by promoting the place. For this, a joint meeting of the fair organizing committee and advisory committee has been held in Krapu. A 251-member organizing committee has been formed under the chairmanship of village municipality chairman Bed Bahadur Gurung to conclude the fair. Bhot

Tangting tourism push21
In addition, a 101-member advisory committee has been formed under the coordination of former minister and federal MP Khagraj Adhikari. The objective of the festival, which will be held from 1 to 10 April, is to explore and promote the tourism potential within the village municipality.

‘In April, there is a combination of red gourds and snow. Trekking can be found by playing Laligurans below and snow in the top, ‘said Chairman Gurung.’ There is no end to the joyous route. We want to take it to the world level. Bhot

Far from being a human settlement, the festival focuses on trekking. Apart from this, there will be various programs. From Pokhara to Krapudanda, 35 km race, cycling, motorcycle race, archery, goat and other competitions are being held. At the same time, a mehfil of literature will also be frozen.

Tangting tourism
‘We have to arrange tents for everyone to stay. We have appealed to the businessmen, it has been decided not to take anything from the market except sugar and tea leaves, ‘he says,’ Each ward has its own stall. We use the products of all the villages. ‘Chairman Gurung claims that the fair will be made completely organic. Bhot

Tangting tourism
Sickles is a very popular village. Though domestic tourists have started entering Tangting on the other side, the arrival of foreign tourists has not been much. In front of our eyes, mountains and avalanches, wild animals fall down to the courtyard. Even when the road is reached, urban goods do not fall much in Tangting. This fair will be an opportunity for the people of Tangting who run a daily based on local products and it will be easy for tourists to find a new destination. Bhot

Although the route has been identified, footpaths have been constructed in the area and hotels and restaurants have not been opened in some places. The village municipality has urged the locals to open a hotel / restaurant. Bhot


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